DON'T buy this Smartphone.
What happened to Beats by Dre?
Naceer Amine
Naceer Amine 12 timer siden
I used 2 recent xiaomi phones , battery not the same after 1 year
Adithya Parthasarathy
Adithya Parthasarathy 12 timer siden
u have 7 million
bičiu 12 timer siden
aged like milk...
Blue Dawn
Blue Dawn 12 timer siden
Looks like Apple may have a future competitor when it comes to privacy and security soon if they become extremely successful if word spreads fast.
slracf 12 timer siden
Marry me?
Mexican Ceramic
Mexican Ceramic 12 timer siden
The A Stands for Ass .
Carla Valle
Carla Valle 12 timer siden
Are you kidding me??? If Xiaomi is a real Killer phone, why can't it match the price of Samsung flagship Phones??? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ What if Mi11pro make Same price to S21 Ultra 5G with Same Specs chipset snapdragon 888 who will Win in the Market ??? Ask of now Samsung still No.1 Global Market. You can Just say if Xiaomi is Higher price to Samsung like iphones ,That's when you can say he's a killer phone.
UNEA MV 12 timer siden
LG Wing is great and awesome I think it deserve more then it looks
Mr pewpeppa Lavo
Mr pewpeppa Lavo 12 timer siden
I better start using huawei theres no google
RISKBLADE 12 timer siden
Hey you already use the wallpaper on ur thumbnail😅
Typ4_e Ninja シ
Typ4_e Ninja シ 12 timer siden
Glenn 33
Glenn 33 12 timer siden
Great review, and super handsome host 😍
Eojin 12 timer siden
Gd in thumbnail
TheWeedyapl 12 timer siden
It's 2021 and my ipad still can't use Files to open an NTFS share over the network. Apple can have the best phones and laptops in the world but until they unlock iOS and MacOS I won't be back...
Levi Wilsoon
Levi Wilsoon 12 timer siden
The cat phone?
ShakilitooΨ 12 timer siden
Use your default wallpaper and save your phone
gourdo2 12 timer siden
All of that effort and no control phone without a screen protector. Why?
Waseem Journalist Sialkot
Waseem Journalist Sialkot 12 timer siden
Its probably a "virus" or "Trojan" when you downloaded this picture Picture itself not problem but a website and its cookies policies and virus codings
Waseem Journalist Sialkot
Waseem Journalist Sialkot 12 timer siden
late april fool
Jack Bean
Jack Bean 12 timer siden
I still love Samsung, their after sales services are awesome.
Vanry Gaming
Vanry Gaming 12 timer siden
The last time i saw most xiome product is on sale wahahaha some of it buy 1 take 1? What happen??
Aiden Wiser
Aiden Wiser 12 timer siden
3:02 WeLcOmE tO tHe GuLaG
GAMING_SAM 101 12 timer siden
I got the Mi Band 5
Jason Amber Vargas
Jason Amber Vargas 12 timer siden
That's what she said
Russian Roulette
Russian Roulette 12 timer siden
Samsung and Apple can’t be killed, tho. Samsung phones are most known, the best and the most selling phones. If Apple loses the market for iPhones, considering it’s the second most selling phone, they still have unbeatable watches, iPads and MacBooks. Unbeatable and the best in every way.
Marek Majchrzak
Marek Majchrzak 12 timer siden
Mrkeybrd - droptest
AirTools BiH
AirTools BiH 12 timer siden
Luckily I am not addicted to buy flagships, budget phone does the job excellent, no headaches about which one is better 💪😁
Marek Majchrzak
Marek Majchrzak 12 timer siden
Ashraf Uddin
Ashraf Uddin 12 timer siden
It was your review on Poco X3 nfc that make me brought it and I love it. Never would have purchased without your honest unbiased reviewed
The Rap Game
The Rap Game 12 timer siden
Cool and all but i still have to wait a year for the s22 which im entirely dedicated of buying first release
tehj15 13 timer siden
Yeah I don't like glass back phones, too fragile and heavy. I'd rather buy a $1200 flagship phone with a plastic case than a glass one.
russianspy1234 13 timer siden
no sd card slot + no 3.5mm jack = no buy
Fariz Andry
Fariz Andry 13 timer siden
The scammers watched to much star wars lol
John Merced
John Merced 13 timer siden
Why you hate so much on Samsung? OnePlus 9Pro sucks! It’s camera sucks it can’t zoom it over heats and every other NOwindowr says this but you! I understand OnePlus cut you a check but at least be honest to folks that’s going to spend there money! Hands down a S21 is way better then a OnePlus 9 pro not even close. Shame on you dude.
Beat Extreme
Beat Extreme 13 timer siden
Hi Mrwhosetheboss. I love your vids, great content.👌👍👍 I want to start a tech channel of my own. And I'd like to ask if you have and tips or advice on gadget I could use Thanks.
nausheen Gh
nausheen Gh 13 timer siden
If you like battery, then you can have it for just $10000 (including taxes and shipping)
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 13 timer siden
yellow is a primary color
Vipera 13 timer siden
How about the Nokia Lumia 920, where they showed how great their camera captured videos in the ads, only to miss that a reflection from a window showed that it was actually filmed by a proper video camera?
Hasnaat Iqbal
Hasnaat Iqbal 13 timer siden
Hey buddy check Q Mobile Z9 that was launch in pakistan
MATEEN SALEEM 13 timer siden
Samsung will come back at it just wait and watch
John Snow
John Snow 13 timer siden
But is it better than a iPhone!
Stl cardinals
Stl cardinals 13 timer siden
PATent not paytent
Jahan Baba Vines
Jahan Baba Vines 13 timer siden
Iphone is iphone dude
Jayce 13 timer siden
10:02 Did it hit the nut.
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 13 timer siden
I understood the Turkish. Barley
Noshad6 13 timer siden
0:58 that’s what she said lol
william aft0n
william aft0n 13 timer siden
My phone has a Qualcomm chip and my phone is fast as fuck
Henrrypoop 13 timer siden
Usng one rn
CashMoneyAT 777
CashMoneyAT 777 13 timer siden
Yes this is a screen protector imma go with it 😂
zeds Aprilia tuono 1000r
zeds Aprilia tuono 1000r 13 timer siden
Should have taped the 3310 to the hammer handle.
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 13 timer siden
So essentially someone out there made a new phone still using Samsung technology so Samsung is still winning 🤔🙄😑😒👏
Rafael Corrêa
Rafael Corrêa 13 timer siden
Thats reversed catch-22 dude. They have in fact lowered their emissions by not shipping earbuds and rechargers. Even IF that raises emission by extra packaging and trips when shipping. Because now it's not them the ones having high emissions, but Amazon (pun intended). So, they can get away with raising pollution by lowering pollution... see? Now, of course these companies don't do this because they actually care, but they have to deal with those pesky environment laws and compliance agents. So now, when an angent accuses them of having high emission, they can just go: - "Oh, but we lowered emissions by not sending extra gear to our customers." - "Yeah, but now that's generating even more pollution, so you're guilty nonetheless." - "Well... No, those are actually Amazon (or Post or DHL whatever) emissions so you'll have to deal with them"
Tech With Brady
Tech With Brady 13 timer siden
can you do one with a glass screen protector with the liquid one
•Midnight Rose•
•Midnight Rose• 13 timer siden
henry from henry danger: yall hear sum?
Adam Bunt
Adam Bunt 13 timer siden
U rick rolled us at 1:17
mattygaga2013 13 timer siden
I genuinely fancy you haha! My goodness you're sexy AF
Alpha Hawk
Alpha Hawk 13 timer siden
wait did xiaomi put the gopro 4k behind mi11🤯
Shaikh Shaheem
Shaikh Shaheem 13 timer siden
15 seconds for making tiktok
Ladder 13 timer siden
Bruh ,is nice ,keep up the good job
monch zeberga
monch zeberga 13 timer siden
Samsung dumbs down your phone after a few months so you could get a new one, and they have the latest 10 versions ahead of what they sell!,
padmaraju g
padmaraju g 13 timer siden
Why u all support China phones for money
Iz Mc
Iz Mc 13 timer siden
Well that probes that quality gives a rat a*** if you have an amazing way to marketing something! Beats were always beaten by very well positioned brands like Sony (better BASS sound but not very lasting frame) owner of 2 Sony 650BT and 1 Sony N1 and still going strong. I know now are way better headphones out there but if is not broken why fix it? Not now at least!
RaysaFlaye 13 timer siden
Hey, you're really the best tech reviewer in my opinion, keep it up!! BTW, great advices, I wish you a good day and power to give us more video!
skidmarkstv 13 timer siden
Ivan Nisotovski
Ivan Nisotovski 13 timer siden
I like to see a drop test... if it pass i may consider it
Famous TikTok
Famous TikTok 13 timer siden
Pls do giveaways
Nolan Rawlings huff
Nolan Rawlings huff 14 timer siden
The thumbnail: AMOGUS
Nosherwan Shaiq
Nosherwan Shaiq 14 timer siden
Am I the only one who saw the DNA - BTS mv at 4:13 ?
M S G 14 timer siden
Thank you for pointing out the ridiculous packaging Amazon sends things in! They get it to you fast but so wasteful!
muhamad ammar
muhamad ammar 14 timer siden
Mom: guests are gone Me: 3:14
Hayden Childress
Hayden Childress 14 timer siden
Me watching this on a huawei phone
Brian on a mission
Brian on a mission 14 timer siden
I was about to get a S21..... Hmmmm
Martin Slater
Martin Slater 14 timer siden
We're struggling to feed ourselves and You're smashing expensive phones, Good Luck and goodbye.
lowie silva
lowie silva 14 timer siden
here in ph. xiaomi calls siomai 😂
Susan Andrews
Susan Andrews 14 timer siden
There has been 3 updates since it came out. Are you testing the pro again?
Kyle Jimenez
Kyle Jimenez 14 timer siden
Me using youtube music 😣
Aswad Jutt
Aswad Jutt 14 timer siden
Would still go for the s21
NISMOIZKING 14 timer siden
Do they spy on you??
Stephen Brackin
Stephen Brackin 14 timer siden
We'll have fusion power around the time we have 6G, so there'll be no need to limit energy use for environmental reasons. :-)
John Marvin Estillore
John Marvin Estillore 14 timer siden
I need this phone but I don't have money to buy that 😑 I always shaking 😂😭