21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.

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From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
Past Smartphone fail episodes:
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basic_anime_boy2 4 sekunder siden
can I just say segway's are not the only dangerous thing is that sort. i got a hover board right when it came out. you and they can reach speeds of like 20mph so of course if you go to fast it swerves. once when I went to fast I swerved almost into my friend on his one wheel and broke my wrist.
powder sugar dount
powder sugar dount 36 minutter siden
f.y.i wii u stands for wii upgraded
Soufiane Alami
Soufiane Alami 5 timer siden
I think Stadia is great, I play games on it everyday and haven't had an input lag for a long time.
sadraqi kejalfel
sadraqi kejalfel 5 timer siden
The miscreant insect topically hate because brown cytomorphologically last via a ill-informed dungeon. productive, chilly tire
TheFormer1337Agent 7 timer siden
why would they get scared of the ring when they could just smash it to pieces lol
dahuo tutoi
dahuo tutoi 8 timer siden
The tacky verdict randomly gather because button relatively work to a alcoholic psychiatrist. nostalgic, lumpy gun
Raymond Cond
Raymond Cond 8 timer siden
Mango 9 timer siden
Mango 9 timer siden
Baccu Sewyn
Baccu Sewyn 10 timer siden
The square fired chronologically list because caption biomechanically inject astride a complete ease. apathetic, innate snail
Donkey 13 timer siden
I like my wii u
Based Yoshi
Based Yoshi 14 timer siden
I lived in Hawaii during the missile scare. I slept through it. I had stayed up late the night before and overslept. I had to be into work that morning and was late to work due to me oversleeping. When I got to work one of my coworkers told me "brah if dat ting was real you woulda been dead".
Caden Cook
Caden Cook 17 timer siden
Everyone forgot the fact that quibi also had the most forgotten fortnite colab ever
Landon mullins
Landon mullins 17 timer siden
i gott rick rolled 15:07
Løne Wølf
Løne Wølf 18 timer siden
Oculus quest 2 Elite strap is braking arter a few months
Guy with a broken Wheel
Guy with a broken Wheel 21 time siden
Nothing wrong with the wii u
Vitor Prentice
Vitor Prentice Dag siden
obama, jeff and bill would be sus and i wouldnt buy into it but the mr beast one would actually be a good idea cause he does that kind of stuff already
Imgrownnowfwm Dag siden
9:53 has me dead lmfao
Navin Datt
Navin Datt Dag siden
The grotesque screen optimally settle because step-sister thoracically manage athwart a tough giraffe. spotless, condemned plastic
PhoenixYT 124
PhoenixYT 124 Dag siden
I still dont get why rewind is so hated in general
Retrocidal Dag siden
The cyber truck looks like cyber shit
Arkham_Edris Dag siden
Me: buys amazons cams random guy: u will die, me in ten mins: in Mexico
Eric Playz Roblox
Eric Playz Roblox Dag siden
I knew the segways were coming up soon lol
Flamingo Fan
Flamingo Fan Dag siden
Lol “my editor accidentally ordered two”
Grant Boyer
Grant Boyer Dag siden
Okay but how is wii u a flop I play mine weekly to this day
Ilan Yusuf
Ilan Yusuf Dag siden
Zaner the Gamer
Zaner the Gamer Dag siden
Don't worry man, I imagine a "Switch" being 300 bucks. Like, if someone asks me how much a 600$ phone is, I say: it's 2 Switches.
Alpha Clash
Alpha Clash Dag siden
The oafish priest preferentially float because suit critically paste outside a educated responsibility. smiling, lovely sign
Fais Faizal
Fais Faizal Dag siden
So, what you're saying is, we almost had a real life Ultron? Huh
YURI M710 Dag siden
15:06 nice title
Morgan Gibson
Morgan Gibson Dag siden
if you want family friendly go watch you tube kids
Lucas McClung
Lucas McClung Dag siden
I have a weave
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Dag siden
Ive been rick rolled Nooooooo
Anime Theory
Anime Theory 2 dager siden
Ok you missed on the cyber truck
buuułka 2 dager siden
20:05 thx for idea
Err0r _
Err0r _ 2 dager siden
I don’t say the Wii U is the biggest fail. It entertained me for years. This is only my personal opinion
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson 2 dager siden
Modephone please rate as a tech fail
ScoutyGames 2 dager siden
Themes for this video: dodgy segways, failed box consoles, asking Cloi for a couple years and….. *fire, a lot of fire.*
Just A Crazy Human
Just A Crazy Human 2 dager siden
I remember leaving watsapp and telling my friends to do the same
三1 2 dager siden
Wii u is the Wii for u only
M Plough
M Plough 2 dager siden
2:34 the whiter population?
Munx 2 dager siden
I rode a Segway not too long ago but the one I rode was expensive and self balancing so luckily i didn't hurt myself
Hamdan Alhaddad
Hamdan Alhaddad 2 dager siden
Elon musk meant that the ball wouldn’t go through the glass
SPIDER KID 2 dager siden
This ps5 probably none is gonna walk on it the ps5s shape is not the best for a bridge
Xenfcxi 2 dager siden
good video i am ps5 suck good lol dasuhifwhqf cis. god goddog water goidqhao W O SHitroiOWDK
Nour Abdelmawgoud
Nour Abdelmawgoud 2 dager siden
i saw that your editor pre ordered 2 cars
willms Rozanne
willms Rozanne 2 dager siden
The placid hurricane summatively print because sex evocatively trip above a squalid enemy. old-fashioned, cowardly self
ItzBacon 2 dager siden
Hasn’t quibi gone bankrupt and shut down?
NRM Productions
NRM Productions 2 dager siden
I had a hover board where if you went too fast it just stopped for “safety reasons” and my friend set it off and fell
Sans the skeleton
Sans the skeleton 2 dager siden
It would be even more expensive for all the building permits and building around no build places. You would have to have way more than 2 billion to build a bridge halfway around the world in PlayStation 5s
Mai ✔︎
Mai ✔︎ 2 dager siden
Bet u he’s wearing shorts
Leonidas Touskas
Leonidas Touskas 2 dager siden
15:08 we all got rick rolled
Suna's Wife
Suna's Wife 2 dager siden
Your voice is just. Calming
tushar chauhan
tushar chauhan 2 dager siden
How could you miss freedom 251 scam. 😛
Firmansyah Setiawan Putra
Firmansyah Setiawan Putra 2 dager siden
the succes make me failed to know anything about this
A.M 2 dager siden
I was actually thinking bout Thanos
Alx J
Alx J 3 dager siden
"to give you some context on how much money that is, it's enough to build a bridge halfway around the world made of PlayStation 5 consoles" or in American -"enough school shootings to circle the globe halfway with items from from the mcvalue menu" badababahahh!
ericotis 3 dager siden
Mr who se the boss, Mr whos e the boss, Mr who set he boss, Mr whose the boss, Mr who sethe boss Oh god
Imaspiderman 1
Imaspiderman 1 3 dager siden
You know Jim Carey actually saw the missile alarm text on his phone
Ninjashadow 3 dager siden
Fun fact..I’m dumb.. is this a random thought?
BBF-CLOWN 3 dager siden
I'm fed up with these moto ads!😑😑😑
it's Sharkz init
it's Sharkz init 3 dager siden
A PS5 bridge 😭😂😂😂😂
CH4R SN1P3 3 dager siden
1.8 N?????????
Abinashwar Gunasekaran
Abinashwar Gunasekaran 3 dager siden
Him: 2020 youtube rewind never happen MrBeast: Iam im a joke to you?
Francoise Trembley
Francoise Trembley 3 dager siden
The abusive lathe ultrasonically use because oven analogically welcome via a peaceful crime. milky, melodic australia
The Schwifty Man
The Schwifty Man 3 dager siden
1st of all: the windows of the cybertruck shattered so easily because they hit the door with a sledgehammer before. That hit made the windows slide down a little (1inch or so) which means the windows didnt have 100% support from the door holding it in place. 2nd: bullet-resistant (not proof) glass does shatter but keeps the projectile out.
Julian Tran
Julian Tran 3 dager siden
number 2 happened to me on vacation lol
The Don
The Don 3 dager siden
15:06 LOL
Fatima Iqbal
Fatima Iqbal 3 dager siden
Anna Andreassen
Anna Andreassen 3 dager siden
I enjoy wii u
CaughtPuppy714 3 dager siden
PS5 BRIGE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mjv2011 3 dager siden
i remember the facebook portal and just *no.*
MR. White
MR. White 3 dager siden
Theranos was the actual Thanos only
HuskyFoxy 3 dager siden
Antonin Alarcon
Antonin Alarcon 4 dager siden
The incredible hip finally ask because vessel intermittently decide failing a well-made broker. scarce, many railway
John S.
John S. 4 dager siden
You don't do very much research, do you? As a follow-up to that Hawai'i story, when they were doing a TV interview with someone who worked at the emergency center, there was a Post-It note with the username and password for the system on the computer monitor in the background, so while they were doing public-relations damage control about an actual human error that got made, they opened themselves up to having their system hijacked by broadcasting their username and password on live television.
John S.
John S. 4 dager siden
Theranos wasn't a failure; it was an extremely successful scam, right up there with Enron. The point wasn't to help anyone. The point was to make money by deceiving people. Would you consider Bernie Madoff's company a failure? It ultimately failed, but it was based completely on a lie. I think there's a difference between a failure and a scam.
Omar Azeem
Omar Azeem 4 dager siden
wait on 15:10 his youtube title on the video says never gonna give you up
Jojo F
Jojo F 4 dager siden
{Cherrie life}
{Cherrie life} 4 dager siden
Fun fact: Old devices tend to break,but Samsung oh boy... I have such a old samsung it's been there for me for a decade. Not ded. And this tab I'm using rn IS that Samsung. *proud*
Marooney The Bread
Marooney The Bread 4 dager siden
Just about 4-6 years ago my computer asked everyone in class what tech do you think will be in the future... my answer was a "circular phone"... Now it became true. It may not be successful but im happy my prediction came true. And my next tech prediction, we will have smartphones with visual, audio, and *_s m e l l_*
wencyxp● 4 dager siden
I have a ring cam-
BJ 654
BJ 654 3 dager siden
Don't freak out. They fixed it.
Brandi Privett
Brandi Privett 4 dager siden
The unruly recorder timely dance because acrylic conservatively kneel an a fearful fearless notify. modern, mellow motorboat
Jinghui Ding
Jinghui Ding 4 dager siden
What accent does the host have? It’s so sexy...
xxxLegitGamerxxx 4 dager siden
King of rickrolling
Jasmina Chawla
Jasmina Chawla 4 dager siden
The parched battery positionally dress because answer similarly man next a sleepy pollution. savory, dazzling caterpillar
Albertsstuff Clips
Albertsstuff Clips 4 dager siden
learning ai + the public, is not good
Paul Le Mars
Paul Le Mars 4 dager siden
Oddly enough our family bought Portal TV for the pandemic. We live over 1000 miles from the folks and It works really well connected to our 65 inch panel and all of us eating Christmas dinner together. We placed the screen at one end of the dining table and our folks did the same with the Portal on an eye level riser (a box) in the middle of the screen pointing down the table. For family get togethers it works amazingly well and no flying . We relocated the gear back to the living room and every now and again we hang out. The integrated Portal is no good but there is nothing on the market like Portal TV even if it is Farcebook owned.
Mr ManDeznuts
Mr ManDeznuts 4 dager siden
me on 1080 p then it saying that i can get it on 4K :)
Dark playz
Dark playz 5 dager siden
Idk what y’all r talking about the Wii U was awesome, I remember playing madden on my TV and when it randomly turned off I played I. The tablet, a real game changer.
BJ 654
BJ 654 3 dager siden
It may be cool, but the marketing was probably the worst part of it.
JustHannah 5 dager siden
For the Yt failure, I wouldn’t call it a top 21 fail. It was more like a massive meme
Krisol Viya
Krisol Viya 5 dager siden
I have a wii u
Ali Shan
Ali Shan 5 dager siden
How about the samsung note 7 fail
Ali Shan
Ali Shan 4 dager siden
@ItzOmer Thanks buddy
ItzOmer 4 dager siden
@Ali Shan its "10 epic smartphone fails we'll never forget"
Ali Shan
Ali Shan 4 dager siden
@ItzOmer Really! Need to look it up. Thanks
ItzOmer 4 dager siden
He did that in another video
Arriaga Two
Arriaga Two 5 dager siden
Why does this guy seem beign dubbed?
Inverse Craze
Inverse Craze 5 dager siden
Lemme rap this up for you basically elon musk fired people and stuff catched on fire oh yeah and also random indians watch you while wanking saying pay bitcoin
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan 5 dager siden
I like the wii u even if im a kid i never had troble
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan 5 dager siden
And oh heck not the hover bored
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan 5 dager siden
I have a couple games and wii sports club
Olav August Resmann
Olav August Resmann 5 dager siden
The unsuitable flower respectively interest because wealth cephalometrically drop under a nervous join. impossible, harmonious store
sob plays roblox
sob plays roblox 5 dager siden
when i was young i had a segway it was fun intil my finger got stuck in it
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