DON'T buy this Smartphone.

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Rugged Smartphones are almost definitely not worth buying...this might surprise you. Go to and sign up for free! Also, the first 200 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.

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Mrwhosetheboss 4 måneder siden
2 videos in 2 days! What do you think to the more on-the-fly outdoor filming style? 🤞 Also, please do consider checking out Brilliant, would really help to support the channel!
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 7 dager siden
Love it
Kan Kantona
Kan Kantona 9 dager siden
great video, except the last part is way too extreme LOL. just drop the phones instead man
Toni 15 dager siden
0 por ⁰
that omnic mechanic
that omnic mechanic 19 dager siden
Lets test durability Grated phone sandwich anyone XD
Elite FF Squadron
Elite FF Squadron 28 dager siden
What are your promotion rates
music 2 timer siden
Can u do the same thing with iPhone 12 pro max???
Biphase Official
Biphase Official 6 timer siden
1:15 i got rickrolled on the back.... (the tv)
SPIDER KID 7 timer siden
9:38 funniest moment 😂
Hristos Mourselas
Hristos Mourselas 13 timer siden
I am 100% ok with my Doogee S40 which I bought for 100$. It has survived many "accidents" that would have destroyed a normal phone.
CaptainJay_YT 13 timer siden
1:16 what the hell's that in the background?
James Downes
James Downes 16 timer siden
This dude can make a dollar store mic sound like magic
CMDR Budman1ao
CMDR Budman1ao 17 timer siden
watched many of your videos today... I come away with, how many features are just crap fluff... Who actually needs a 64 megapixel camera, in most use cases 8 should be enough. What are the specs that 90% of users actually need?
Destroyer DK Gaming
Destroyer DK Gaming 17 timer siden
I just saw that rick roll when he was showing the adapter on the computer XD
Rehaan Riyas
Rehaan Riyas 17 timer siden
Maeve Karla
Maeve Karla 18 timer siden
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Leonides Rivera
Leonides Rivera 19 timer siden
Have you tried Oukitel, Kyocera, Cat rugged phones? It would be nice if you'd smash them paired with iPhone 12 hahaha
julian oria
julian oria 21 time siden
King If Rickrolling 1:16 Why
Messenger 22 timer siden
Hmm the glass is cracked interesting not like I just hit with a hammer
Messenger 22 timer siden
M L G speedwagon
M L G speedwagon Dag siden
1:17 omg i got rickrolled
Haziq Fawwad
Haziq Fawwad Dag siden
*Ah, there goes my weekend plans for playing golf with phones*
Diatot Tutorial
Diatot Tutorial Dag siden
Rugged phones have always bad spec sheets
SlimeCrafterLP Dag siden
anotger minus point: if yiu have a ruged phone you prob wont use a case, and if it scratches you cant switch it out
zavodilan't Dag siden
you shouldve done it like plainrock124, but its still a great video!
Anand krishna
Anand krishna Dag siden
I love poco x3
Anand krishna
Anand krishna Dag siden
No one can beat nokia
Shiven SONI
Shiven SONI Dag siden
what happened to the nokia???
Travis Butterworth
Travis Butterworth Dag siden
Is it just me or was there a rickroll in the background at 1:16 / 1:17
Terminator MKll
Terminator MKll 2 dager siden
Happy Fox
Happy Fox 2 dager siden
OK, I'm just going to come out and say it... For those that are wanting rugged, don't look into the rugged phones, look into the bargain bins of phones that work, you get a SIM from a provider like Yodelfone or Verizon on a plan but with no phone, then look into their prepaid phone range, if those providers don't have the SIM cards glued in then you can use those phones as disposable if it breaks, just go into the nearest gas station and pick up a new one for *shock and gasp* 20 pounds. Over the course of 24 months you will probably save a lot more with having minor irritations. That's my 2 cents.
Simon Krantz 12
Simon Krantz 12 2 dager siden
1:17: You just rickrolled us
MySub124 2 dager siden
2:47 phone: ight im out
Tom /Fan account
Tom /Fan account 2 dager siden
What about the CAT phones?
KubixTheMiner ,
KubixTheMiner , 2 dager siden
When someone rick rolled you without you even knowing
AnimeChaos40 3 dager siden
Dylan Cunningham
Dylan Cunningham 3 dager siden
I just got a droplabs ad and you were starring in it
Lightning 3 dager siden
The Rick roll tho lmao
Theneonwolf does stfu
Theneonwolf does stfu 3 dager siden
Amateurs Amateurs -nokia 3310
Wesam Hafez
Wesam Hafez 3 dager siden
Idk why but I was dying laughing at 9:38
toaster cat
toaster cat 3 dager siden
Francoise Trembley
Francoise Trembley 3 dager siden
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Susie Mckinney
Susie Mckinney 3 dager siden
The ripe tailor regretfully look because room directly allow during a brown grandfather. spiffy, spotted jelly
Rayhaan 3 dager siden
"I've a got a golf club and some phones"_ Arun 2021
GlitchyTurtle546 3 dager siden
Bloxygamez 3 dager siden
Ik every Vidor ur gonna say goodbye
jaiden rowe
jaiden rowe 4 dager siden
1:14 was not expecting a rickroll
ShadowMatt12 Anims
ShadowMatt12 Anims 4 dager siden
1:16 we were rickrolled
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth 4 dager siden
But *this* is a really good and strong phone =(
Director Filmz
Director Filmz 4 dager siden
বিরহ রাত্রী
বিরহ রাত্রী 4 dager siden
11:15 dont look behind the cable thing u will regret it
Casillas Tan
Casillas Tan 4 dager siden
Normal people play golf with golf balls. But tech reviewers use mobile devices to play golf.
|• Just a normal person •|
|• Just a normal person •| 4 dager siden
"Unbreakable" they are lying. This one is breakable like the original phones.
Kingsley  Cyril Utodio
Kingsley Cyril Utodio 4 dager siden
Mrwhosetheboss can you make a review for Ulefone Armour 11
Air conditioner
Air conditioner 5 dager siden
I recently discovered this youtuber, ive got to say i cant stop watching. you really explain stuff well, thank you and keep up the content
Statos 5 dager siden
If you want truly rugged phone, is Nokia 3310.
Da Panda
Da Panda 5 dager siden
1:16 really
kalopaido 5 dager siden
Gerrard Rodrigues
Gerrard Rodrigues 5 dager siden
And why is he hearing Never gonna give you up in the baground
Chaotic Guy
Chaotic Guy 4 dager siden
You know He secretly rick rolls you every video
Lance Olerich
Lance Olerich 5 dager siden
Jerryrig smiles on durability test
Jack Valderia
Jack Valderia 5 dager siden
You want a sturdy phone :) Nokia - those old models are almost indestructible and old Motorola units - the big bulky ones :) mine got run over by a car and as though nothing happened, I just dusted it off and it's good to go again :) :) :) both are analog phones though
Fais Faizal
Fais Faizal 5 dager siden
"Hey neighbour, what are you doing?" "Nothing much, just golfing with $2000+ worth of smartphones" "Huh"
It’s Buddy
It’s Buddy 5 dager siden
1:17 You just got Rick roll
OdeToHell 5 dager siden
1:15 you got me
Nicholas Gabriel
Nicholas Gabriel 5 dager siden
would you rather: spend all money on a rugged phone or spend money on a rugged case as cheap as like 5 candy bars
Zé Manel das Cheetos Postagens
Zé Manel das Cheetos Postagens 5 dager siden
11:17 omg that glasses gives you so many drip 🥶🥶🥶
Popthepro43 _
Popthepro43 _ 5 dager siden
Thanks for the free link i think ill like this website
tjawesome 6 dager siden
The Rick roll in the background lol 😂
blueboy plays
blueboy plays 6 dager siden
Did I just get Rick roll
Kostas Andrei
Kostas Andrei 6 dager siden
Well, sometimes not the rugged part of the phone is what makes it interesting. I don't know if you reviewed oukitel before. For example I daily use a oukitel k7, and it's bad from any point of view, but it's the only phone that will make it through the day running 2 crappy apps for a delivery driver. It has 8000 mAh battery. Yes, I know, it's actually a power bank with a phone on top. And it costs just a bit above 100 quid. And no matter how rugged it's supposed to be, it cracked falling from less than 0.5 m height
Seth Chastain :D
Seth Chastain :D 6 dager siden
Why do the goggles look good on you
Bear YT
Bear YT 6 dager siden
2:52 when you try to stand a phone
Krishiv ._.
Krishiv ._. 6 dager siden
stop rick rolling me 1:22
mukul Kapoor
mukul Kapoor 6 dager siden
bro be wasting phones like that while here ive to think 6 months before buying a 250$ phone
seabastian bailey
seabastian bailey 6 dager siden
The Poco went decently well
Rudra Sharma
Rudra Sharma 6 dager siden
They were sliding against the brick which will obv break it
Jotham Chin
Jotham Chin 6 dager siden
We ain’t playin’ golf with phones in 2021! Lol
Bruh uh okay
Bruh uh okay 6 dager siden
want a unbreakable phone buy a Nokia
Bishal shah
Bishal shah 7 dager siden
This was very brutal test 🤣
Sam pryse
Sam pryse 7 dager siden
gotta love rick in the backround
Your Average gamer
Your Average gamer 7 dager siden
1:15 *you got me.*
milflys 7 dager siden
his socks😂😂 (not laughing at you i just love them😓)
Levy k
Levy k 7 dager siden
I have not watched a video from this YT ch that isn't entertaining
PratYuPD 8 dager siden
Doctor: Child Hockyman arun doesn't exist, he can't hurt you Child Hockyman arun: 11:20
Pumudi Perera
Pumudi Perera 8 dager siden
he is cute🥺
Samine Testa
Samine Testa 8 dager siden
He Rick rolled us!!!!! 1:15
Miller Belitz
Miller Belitz 8 dager siden
What about the CATERPILLAR phone
Jeremiah Wong
Jeremiah Wong 8 dager siden
Imagine being his neighbour
John Stevenson
John Stevenson 9 dager siden
I like the way how he can buy over 1,000$ dollars in phones, but doesn't have science goggles from the Dollar Tree
STDCOD 9 dager siden
unhonest video just for the content
Faris Hanafiah
Faris Hanafiah 4 dager siden
@Chaotic Guy Lol please, there are a lot of other less popular tech NOwindow channels out there that is much more informative and more intellectual. It's your problem for not looking deep enough.
Chaotic Guy
Chaotic Guy 4 dager siden
Don't just comment that Everyone on this godforsaken platform Including infants Know youtube videos are unhonest Including my fucking shitty quality videos aren't honest
Faris Hanafiah
Faris Hanafiah 8 dager siden
It's NOwindow, what to expect.
Magic Man
Magic Man 9 dager siden
11:35 When the rich kid gets bored
Green Mello Jello FaNaF
Green Mello Jello FaNaF 9 dager siden
1:16, why is Rick Ashly never gonna give you up on??? :D
William Egenes
William Egenes 9 dager siden
01:15 I was not expecting to get rickrolled in this video
andrew andrew
andrew andrew 9 dager siden
1:10 first red flag comes when you look at red cable. Kinda ironic.
Dagaro 9 dager siden
It hurts my soul watching him grate, smash, and golf 2k dollars worth of phones TwT
Matthew Nicholas Darmowiguno
Matthew Nicholas Darmowiguno 9 dager siden
The rickroll sia
E V 9 dager siden
1:17 secret rickroll
Devansh Upadhyay
Devansh Upadhyay 9 dager siden
I actually kinda fond of my pocco X3 even more now.
Ranrobs124 10 dager siden
The people that Made the rugged phones are dumb, They only made the back strong and screen is glass that is pretty low end
ii•Karrot Kiwi! -私私•カロットキウイ!
ii•Karrot Kiwi! -私私•カロットキウイ! 10 dager siden
There is always a rick roll
Bukachell 10 dager siden
Dammit I got rickrolled in the first minute
SHAUNDI 10 dager siden
Masi Karimi
Masi Karimi 10 dager siden
Wow, putting the phones to the ultimate test to reveal is it worth buying rugged phones or not! Also I want to thank you for Brilliant; it really is what it's called. Really appreciate it!
Aaliyah Vee
Aaliyah Vee 11 dager siden
You have kids!?😳 let me see!
ArcticIce 11 dager siden
"cheap" chinese crap. Thats the problem. Kyocera and CAT seem to be doing good tho
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