Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon.

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4 måneder siden

Comparison of the Exynos 2100 vs Snapdragon 888 in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Which is better? For why you should almost definitely NOT buy a Rugged Smartphone:

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Erisung Dag siden
But in European samsung s21 is cheaper
Arya Garg
Arya Garg Dag siden
10:41 look at the bottom left! Haha!
Arya Garg
Arya Garg Dag siden
Wait a second, look at the bottom of the screen on the table. It's his script on his phone
Papaco Dag siden
Samsung sucks. That's shameful. Their dream is to be apple
Re_xcle 2 dager siden
10:40 - 10:52 Hi there rick
Hawaiian_ Typhoon
Hawaiian_ Typhoon 2 dager siden
I'm honestly surprised that Samsung also let's it's Customers down in the Tablet Market. Especially since the $330 IPad 8th Gen has higher graphics than the $700+ Samsung Tab S7
Gift Muyenga
Gift Muyenga 3 dager siden
There's always that guy who knows best how to explain things to fellow students better than teacher... You are really good 👊🏾👊🏾. Keep up... 1 second ago
Mi 11 X please
gürkan mehmetoglou
gürkan mehmetoglou 3 dager siden
Why does Europe get the exynos processors while America gets the snap dragon once?
Shikhar Bhatnagar
Shikhar Bhatnagar 4 dager siden
Hi!!!! I had purchased the s21ultra Exynos variant in the month of April 2021 but I am not getting a SOT with normal to heavy usage of in any case more than 6 hours. 1. My general work is of a professional kind (surfing, reviewing, mails, payments, PDF's, etc.) and sometimes 1-2 hours of gaming of COD mobile ( that too not regularly) 2. Set at qhd+ with adaptive refresh rate and never did SOT crossed 6.5 hrs mark....and with wqhd+ 5.5 hrs mark 3. only my WIFI is on regularly and the phone runs on 4G. Bluetooth seldom on. Please help. Should I go and get it checked at the authorized repair centers about the battery drainage issue. Thanks in Advance.
Alaric Ace
Alaric Ace 4 dager siden
Let's go everyone and write to samsung
Ayush A Suvarna.
Ayush A Suvarna. 4 dager siden
Talking about battery life, Exynos drains when the phone is kept idle, overnight around 10 percent is lost.
A J 2 dager siden
Yep thats true in the case of my Galaxy Tablet S6 lite. It gives me anxiety whenever my tablet lies idle. Not even the battery_status_check is able to tell, what drains the battery. The amount doesn't add up. In 24 hrs of idleness, there's always 20 to 30% of battery drain.
waxonflaxon 6 dager siden
Where would you recommend to buy the snapdragon version in the UK?
Fardiniho 4 dager siden
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 6 dager siden
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is mediocre upgrade from my S20 Ultra other then better 8K video recording video stabilization.
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 6 dager siden
Exynos should be replaced with Snapdragon.
Jamie Powell
Jamie Powell 7 dager siden
Something suss about this video. The processors process what the software is telling it to process. The child don't just make it up as they go along.
Jamie Powell
Jamie Powell 7 dager siden
Exynos chip Big deal. This thing flies like the clappers. I love my Samsung.
trah subedaar
trah subedaar 7 dager siden
I am not against their chips but all regions should have exynos. why snapdragon for some countries. I suspect if Samsung partners with AMD and make a better CPU than snapdragon then they will use that in all regions.
Fusions3789 7 dager siden
Which one run cooler only that I care about
I milk cows for breakfast
I milk cows for breakfast 7 dager siden
I would really never care about what chipset I get as long as its the latest from that brand, don't care if its exynos, don't if its mediatek, just as long its the latest, I will keep that phone, The only things I want to good on my phone is: 1. Battery 2. Chipset (up to date) 3. Software version
Musaiba Begum
Musaiba Begum 7 dager siden
Why does samsung company wana to go down just because of this silly cpu (2100)
Abdul Munir MU VID
Abdul Munir MU VID 7 dager siden
I Use Exynos 2100... But That Issues Not Really Badass... But Greet Far Better.
İbrahim Karataş
İbrahim Karataş 8 dager siden
Should I buy s20+ or used (5 months) Note 10+ ?
dart6 8 dager siden
690,000. nice
Cesar Ortiz
Cesar Ortiz 8 dager siden
Does the back shatter why does 4 sides of phone are breakable and only 2 smallest sizes side of phone is not breakable foh
Ambar De
Ambar De 8 dager siden
Nice comparison! Didn't know the Snapdragon could charge itself up when idle though- 7:44 - blew my mind! 🤣
TATTFACE 8 dager siden
This is why we Europeans stopped to buy Samsung.. and soon they will start to feel it in the pockets
Earnist Se
Earnist Se 8 dager siden
The exynos is almost hot enough to cook an egg on , but I have faith that exynos will get better when the rdna 2 gpu from amd is in it this year
javier blanco
javier blanco 8 dager siden
i bought an s20fe exynos in Argentina, you have no idea how I regret it, I'm using every root trick in the book to keep it usable without draining my battery, for now I'm stuck with this phone, but at the first chance I'm going xiaomi or any other brand that's cheaper and has snapdragon.
Cathleen Harrison
Cathleen Harrison 9 dager siden
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Mostafa Kamel
Mostafa Kamel 9 dager siden
Snap dragon 870 is like wow they lose scores
Revival Shadow Allameen
Revival Shadow Allameen 9 dager siden
But optimisation ins best every not worst exynos 😁😏😏😏
kamain Von
kamain Von 9 dager siden
Mr WTB, u must try this test again after that update in may, or peoples will continue to believe that the Snapdragon is a good thing that they dont have.
jevie amper
jevie amper 9 dager siden
Exynos is better than snapdragon now. Exynos improved a lot.
Jan Frederik Wille
Jan Frederik Wille 10 dager siden
Will there be an updated version to this video?
Khoa Le
Khoa Le 10 dager siden
Please do comparison between new generation Snapdragon and the Mediatek dimensity chips? Which is better?
MakuRei 11 dager siden
You guys remember how AMD was 3 or 4 years ago?
M2M ...
M2M ... 11 dager siden
This guy is the last to listen to
Jonathan Lewis français
Jonathan Lewis français 11 dager siden
Damn I really got rickrolled in an end screen
James Heller
James Heller 11 dager siden
There's an Easter egg in left down corner in outro
Tyson Kid
Tyson Kid 11 dager siden
Arun Bhai love you
Jake Duncan
Jake Duncan 11 dager siden
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Pichpanharith Dara
Pichpanharith Dara 11 dager siden
Snapdragon prevails Exynos go to the trashbin
brum2302 12 dager siden
Cool. In comparing both; How’s the call quality, wifi and LTE/5G performance between the both.
Scorpiog 946
Scorpiog 946 12 dager siden
Hi god bless have a good day
Gideon Ramasamy
Gideon Ramasamy 12 dager siden
Watching this video after purchase an exynos device and waiting it for for delivery... dang it.!!
ADPL 12 dager siden
After the may update, the Exynos has better battery life in prolongued use. The SD888 overheats incredibly and eats much more battery.
AldX1516 12 dager siden
1. Snapdragon had the scene optimizer on And exynos had it off wich impacts the picture 2. The gap is smaller after the may update even tho 888 comes on top 3. You cant messure temp of an exynos chip it just gives a close value
isla 10 dager siden
Bro I use a galaxy a50 though I know 9611 is not flagship level but it heats up as hell if a try to run genshin impact or codm at high graphics even my secondary phone that has snap 665 doesn't even heat up while playing codm though it struggles while playing genshin but in my opinion snap is better seriously samsung have to work about it's heating issue
Patrick Udom
Patrick Udom 12 dager siden
Plot twist: the exynos was the snapdragon and the snapdragon was the exynos
Mead Rone
Mead Rone 12 dager siden
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Nudhornnin Saroeun
Nudhornnin Saroeun 12 dager siden
how can i buy snapdragon version online and how do i pay
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar 12 dager siden
Lol, enjoy your locked bootloader.
Lalrintluanga Hualngo
Lalrintluanga Hualngo 12 dager siden
Arun really hates Exynos, or someone is paying to trash Exynos
Duzong G H
Duzong G H 12 dager siden
ARound 20k samsung are not good because i play games n lots of other stuff n this mobile cant handel it .N around 17k or 14k like mi n different brand mobiles have high ram n specifications have good handling capacity.
eddie pcr
eddie pcr 12 dager siden
After the Brexit you'll start getting Snapdragons on ur phones in the coming years, congrats UK 🍾
Andoni Salegi
Andoni Salegi 13 dager siden
we won´t notice too much the experience, you are speaking about milimeters
HoneyBearFloats 13 dager siden
Is snapdragon 662 good?
يونس العراقي
يونس العراقي 12 dager siden
No weak cpu
Vedant Gujar
Vedant Gujar 13 dager siden
I though I am the only one who puts phone in fridge after overheating 😂
Lisha p John
Lisha p John 13 dager siden
Why not a cooling system
Madhavi Kshirsagar
Madhavi Kshirsagar 13 dager siden
My M02s Samsung Galaxy run Minecraft on 68 fps
Kiaan Wijayasekara
Kiaan Wijayasekara 14 dager siden
Bro I use the exynos variant for my modding
Brian hofer
Brian hofer 14 dager siden
who cares
Harmandeep Pandher
Harmandeep Pandher 15 dager siden
Is overheating normal with s21 ultra even with usa version ( not sure if it's exynos or snapdragon)? I moved from s20 fe to s21 ultra but I was disappointed , cameras are better but just by few percent, numbers says s21 has better screen but I don't notice that much difference with watching videos and major issue was overheating, I still have my note 5 and even that performs good for my daily use. As compared to s20 fe I was paying double but not getting that much better performance, most of the time is same performance for my daily use. S20 fe won't overheat .but it does have some touch issues sometimes .
gusm 15 dager siden
Its why I stopped buying UK Samsung's, same if not more money for inferior performance.
Motivator MAN
Motivator MAN 15 dager siden
Any one who is reading the comment do not buy a exenos processor or media tech for gaming, editing for NOwindow videos. This processor is even slower then kirin processors.
Tom Somers
Tom Somers 15 dager siden
Or just buy an iPhone. Solved.
Fouzi gaming
Fouzi gaming 15 dager siden
still better than last year
Mina Patar
Mina Patar 16 dager siden
Hey man, how can I purchase the Snapdragon variant in Germany or like in the Europe? Love your videos 💜
Jurij Jurij
Jurij Jurij 16 dager siden
What presented here is already known. The question is whether these differences are the reason to “deal break”, which mostly depends on the price you have to pay for the phone. There are some videos on NOwindow that give similar results. I understand that some need superior gaming performance and those guys should consider these differences. For the rest of us, it all depends on how much money you have to pay for Samsung with Exynos or just choose another phone. The differences in the photos are not so severely noticeable.
Puya NH74
Puya NH74 16 dager siden
how can i know from its name that im buying snapdragon?
Jurij Jurij
Jurij Jurij 16 dager siden
You can't.
JustAnotherRandomGamer 16 dager siden
I mean, just run Genshin Impact on maximum settings on both phones, instantly exynos loses, runs with fluctuating 40-60fps. SD888 is 60fps stable.
Arsene Lupin
Arsene Lupin 16 dager siden
In my country Samsung doesn't sell well,, since it uses Exynos chip, so more people prefer Apple here kinda sad to be honest
OXER 16 dager siden
Paying more to get worse phone?? Thanks EU
AntiPolar Dream
AntiPolar Dream 17 dager siden
MASOUD HAFIZ 17 dager siden
SHAME on you samsung for the so called EXYNOS
John Vu
John Vu 17 dager siden
Phew. I thought my Galaxy Note8 was Exynos but it's the US Ver
BadBoys4life 2814
BadBoys4life 2814 17 dager siden
launde me dum hai. I love the way he talks
Khaleel AL-Haydari
Khaleel AL-Haydari 17 dager siden
Your best 👍🇸🇦
Alamin Usman
Alamin Usman 18 dager siden
The differences in the camera is quite noticable
Illusive 18 dager siden
How much is it in the US including tax?
Le Blade
Le Blade 18 dager siden
Wow, glad I watched this before blowing money on the International version of the S21 instead of going for the iPhone 12
Michplay 18 dager siden
Genshin impact Exynos Vs Snapdragon on the S21 ultra. Average fps: 55 on Snapdragon Vs Exynos 35 fps after 30 min playing ... Thats paying for a high end phone but is actually mid-range
NOVARIS 18 dager siden
This is one reason I don’t get Samsung. If they gave everyone the same quality for the same cost people would change over to Samsung I think
NOVARIS 17 dager siden
@PiNKiE PiE yes and the majority don’t buy flagships either. Obviously I mean people looking at this kind of phone though…
PiNKiE PiE 18 dager siden
The majority of phone buyers aren't aware of the cpu their phone has, or would even care for that matter.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 18 dager siden
oh god what will google silicon be like
Ramakrishnarao Kasibhatla
Ramakrishnarao Kasibhatla 18 dager siden
Hey @Arun, can you do a comparo now after 3months of updates to both the phones
Telering Dataspesialisten
Telering Dataspesialisten 18 dager siden
Does this mean the S21 isn't really a S21?
UltraGamerYT 18 dager siden
10:43 umm Rick what are you doing in that corner there
Masi Karimi
Masi Karimi 18 dager siden
Really appreciate it!
crylicstar 19 dager siden
The worst thing is, Samsung knew all along about the problem with their Exynos chip overheating and underperforming, they just don't give a crap and let it slide. They keep promising better with newer chips and useless software updates. I hate my frying pan of a S20FE Exynos bruh
DojoWombat 19 dager siden
Why not ship the phone in snapdragon in all regions apple does it with their chip why not Samsung ?
PiNKiE PiE 18 dager siden
Legal reasons
John Bryan Tolosa
John Bryan Tolosa 19 dager siden
Exynos - multitasking/long battery/loads Snapdragon - graphics
GoJMe 19 dager siden
shiiiit wont buy this crap can u import to europe and it still work here???
enz 19 dager siden
i really hope that samsung gets their exynos processors to be better then snapdragon
Mesa3077Boogie 19 dager siden
Yo I got my S21 ultra because of your videos!
Donnie Ledesma
Donnie Ledesma 19 dager siden
This is why I dumped Samsung for Apple. I felt like Samsung swindled me.
0961 KumarShorya
0961 KumarShorya 19 dager siden
Why dont you test PUBG MOBILE why pvp emulator😑😑😒😒
Kadyn Mahre
Kadyn Mahre 19 dager siden
So... My S21u (SD) heated up to 50C during the first antutu benchmark, and ended with a score of 366765...
eyal spilberg
eyal spilberg 19 dager siden
Wait i remember something about making their chips lie on benchmarks to show that the chip is stronger, wasnt that a thing??
Mynus 19 dager siden
Dang i am using an S20 FE on the Exynos one :'( Vietnam just dont sell the Snapdragon variant official
Miesha Johanne
Miesha Johanne 19 dager siden
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