I bought the SMALLEST Tech in the world.

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Buying the smallest smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, and tech in 2021 from Wish / eBay / Aliexpress!
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Mrwhosetheboss 12 dager siden
First video in a while! But we've got LOTS Cooking now 😈If you could own any tech from this video, which would it be? To see my best phones of 2021 so far: nowindow.info/cloud/video/baNmhmSniY2Hp6c.html
Paula Croxford
Paula Croxford 5 minutter siden
Maybe the mini laptops
Treetop Jones
Treetop Jones 21 time siden
@Ziad Hegazy Google S. a51 tips.
Elite Emerald
Elite Emerald Dag siden
Probably the mini laptop
lado ahmed
lado ahmed Dag siden
Maybe the laptop or iPhone or camera or ye idrk but either one of these
MTR The meme Hunter
MTR The meme Hunter Dag siden
Ayo, can I get a link to where you bought that mini PS5 from?
Magnus Svensson
Magnus Svensson 53 minutter siden
Tatiana Padilla
Tatiana Padilla Time siden
Did we all just get Rick rolled . 😟
Non Ya
Non Ya 2 timer siden
That drone is like a cicada
Ten Tashi
Ten Tashi 2 timer siden
I wasn't that ps5😭
Phuong Huynh
Phuong Huynh 2 timer siden
World smallest iPad My name isUyen and my brother is Huy How old world smallest pocket to Or how about world smiles water
Phuong Huynh
Phuong Huynh 2 timer siden
How about world smallest jellybeans
Phuong Huynh
Phuong Huynh 2 timer siden
How much does other worlds smallest calculator it would be best and it would be like so crazy you can’t take any button try yourself and then you and see what happens
DaBlox 3 timer siden
Can i have the first mini laptop? o.o
Frosty Static
Frosty Static 4 timer siden
This guy should win an Oscar for the amount of times he rick rolled us
Vitaly 4 timer siden
Ah yes, Henry the vacuum sniffing all the white powder is what i need in my life
Nico Molon
Nico Molon 5 timer siden
Imagine someone who tries flashlights in the daytime
Ana Ivette Yesenia
Ana Ivette Yesenia 5 timer siden
The fridge is being sus
Mark O
Mark O 5 timer siden
That drone was terrifying. Like an angry robotic giant hornet.
Polarbear daddy
Polarbear daddy 6 timer siden
But like, why tho
sadraqi kejalfel
sadraqi kejalfel 6 timer siden
The entertaining minibus monthly complain because church timely identify round a straight saudi arabia. superb, crowded luttuce
The Dank Forge
The Dank Forge 7 timer siden
Pls give me an iphone 11
The Dank Forge
The Dank Forge 7 timer siden
Pls give me an iphone 11
Jo jo
Jo jo 7 timer siden
I wish u are my dad ☹️ and I also think all these phones can play Pubg on high graphics.
Tenna B
Tenna B 8 timer siden
1080 try 480
Tenna B
Tenna B 8 timer siden
You dropped it🤣🤣🤣. The unboxing of the phones was so satisfying 🤤
Joel Reynard
Joel Reynard 8 timer siden
MWTB: ahhh no it’s so bad MWTB 2 seconds later: 7/10
xSHADxW-CHANx 8 timer siden
I can not say I'm a kid
Icy_rblx 9 timer siden
That drone in 4k-
luis ramos
luis ramos 9 timer siden
the deal with the one dollor items on wish is that they get your money for a few days before mass refunding all but one, the money comes from short term volatile stocks or something similar
Kriss 9 timer siden
12:20 lol XD this was funny
Mahanth 9 timer siden
Apple cries 😭😭 😂😂after seeing this🔥 U r legendary NOwindowr bro❤️❤️ Tho my favourite you tuber❤️🔥❤️🎉
Dark Aphelion
Dark Aphelion 9 timer siden
8:20 I live for darkness Arun
GuuTzy 9 timer siden
Got Rick Rolled
Dark Aphelion
Dark Aphelion 9 timer siden
The sun puts out around 127,000 lumens per square meter. The beam of light from that torch is apparently brighter than what the sun puts out.
David tha meme lord
David tha meme lord 10 timer siden
Joe mama
LouayJam 11 timer siden
Raphaelboii 11 timer siden
8:18 man really rick rolled us with the smallest projector
Chaseiousaurs Rex
Chaseiousaurs Rex 11 timer siden
The dislikes are from people who have small phones and can’t tell which is thumbs up or down
Prayash Poudel
Prayash Poudel 12 timer siden
6 30,MrBeast
Official - ÇØŚMÍČ
Official - ÇØŚMÍČ 12 timer siden
its a iphone 1 thats why its so cheap
EagleBafBomb 12 timer siden
Now the biggest tech 😈
胡锦程 12 timer siden
13:11 people already forgot about how good was MP4 in 2010.
胡锦程 12 timer siden
8:53 really? 38 $? Ugreen Hitune is only 30 $ and it's the same quality as ipod...
Gaming Safi
Gaming Safi 13 timer siden
Shigatsu 13 timer siden
You just show some trash but didn't tell anything about the specs, especially about the computer and phone stuff. :(
Ayuni aot
Ayuni aot 13 timer siden
8:19 I can't believe this guy.. literaly
Lance Cruzado
Lance Cruzado 14 timer siden
We got rick roll even our FBI agent got rick roll
Advaith Aarav
Advaith Aarav 14 timer siden
When Arun sees a newborn baby for the first time 19:05
NeverOnPurpose 14 timer siden
Ah, the pandemic getting to us all.
DashWiz 14 timer siden
Conner Wine
Conner Wine 15 timer siden
Lol russian propaganda
cheap3rills 16 timer siden
Can i get samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g
Vullnet Halili
Vullnet Halili 16 timer siden
Give me a mini iPhone 11
Huggins Alan
Huggins Alan 16 timer siden
Are you by chance giving away a samsung galaxy note 20 ultra iam like so desperate rn
Meekail lol
Meekail lol 16 timer siden
WARNING SKIP 8:19 - 8:22 Your welcome :D
Jack White
Jack White 16 timer siden
The sore cherry postsurgically expect because opera lovely coach afore a zesty chair. expensive, laughable alarm
HELL CAT 16 timer siden
Dont pause at exaclty 2:09
Abhinav Krishna
Abhinav Krishna 17 timer siden
13:51 that's what his girlfriend said..🤣🤣🤣
bad boy yt 1.0
bad boy yt 1.0 18 timer siden
the iphone? is the 4th iphone
Ebrahiem Arend
Ebrahiem Arend 18 timer siden
I would like that iphone of one dollar ya
Anderw etqubal
Anderw etqubal 18 timer siden
David J. Wallace
David J. Wallace 18 timer siden
Video idea: Find the best of all the gadgets and see if you can use them for normal day in your life. See how it goes, and then tell us of these products can be used in day to day life, or if they are rendered useless.a
Isaiah Ball
Isaiah Ball 19 timer siden
you didnt...
Elinore Dominic
Elinore Dominic 20 timer siden
The highfalutin carrot informally roll because hole retrospectively replace before a silly lawyer. big, odd yoke
Graidy Fitzgerald
Graidy Fitzgerald 20 timer siden
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 21 time siden
5:43 "it does actually work, to be fair" * Continues to spread the dust while nothing happens *
Shahid Facto
Shahid Facto 21 time siden
The hardest thing a small youTuber can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing has changed on your NOwindow
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 21 time siden
I kinda want that laptop
Treetop Jones
Treetop Jones 21 time siden
Wish: comedy gold.
Charles Hercules
Charles Hercules 22 timer siden
So i just got rick rolled with the world's smallest projector. 🙄
muhamad alif
muhamad alif 22 timer siden
Can i get one of those thing maybe mini Android becouse im at hostel and my scholl dont allow us to bring smart phone
muhamad alif
muhamad alif 22 timer siden
Just kidding
Banan 22 timer siden
21:07 - 21:15 ...I say Sh#t
Grafp Rafl
Grafp Rafl 23 timer siden
Cat got a 💻 laptop 😂
AshRoblox 23 timer siden
Nokia losers be like: Ooo time to switch my phone to small phone
Steve games
Steve games 23 timer siden
“Oh boo hoo, let me press F on the worlds tiniest keyboard”
alkalaz_yt 23 timer siden
11:46 and if you don’t see the message then you are not very smart
Y L 23 timer siden
YOU are just adorably entertaining!!!
Emily Andrews
Emily Andrews Dag siden
The mouse you got isn't the smallest i got one a few years ago that was very small i might actually still have it
Bruce Weborg
Bruce Weborg Dag siden
First-time watcher loved it probably get the 4.5 ulc cool F1
Ribs Dag siden
Didn't even rate the soyes7S+
Thunderluigi 32
Thunderluigi 32 Dag siden
I like how it scrolled when his hands were of his laptop
ForcefighterX2 Dag siden
Lol - so the lumen scam did not end yet. Haven't seen an LED online with true lumen specifications in years. The number goes up and up because no one has a sensor for measuring lumen at home, so the technical unit has been degraded to scam marketing only. If you read the specs, you find that many of the LEDs use the same diodes and voltages from the same manufacturers - but the lumen constantly changes. :-D
Jayden FRUIT LOOPS Dag siden
8:35 how he opened it LOL
ELEKTEON Dag siden
*I kinda want that laptop*
Nandipha Ndhlovu
Nandipha Ndhlovu Dag siden
The app he used for the temperature testing is called flir one
BTS and GAMING Dag siden
Its incredible to think that I found out about him when he just hit 2 million subs. Congrats dude your like the greatest tech reviewer and have helped me make many choices!
Dragonflies Comics
Dragonflies Comics Dag siden
8:18 oh wow!
Aiden Hornsby
Aiden Hornsby Dag siden
I've been rickrolled😐 My bro: just go with it
•strxberry _cow•
•strxberry _cow• Dag siden
2 secs later I lost the phone
Julian Angel
Julian Angel Dag siden
8:18 is the best small thing 😏
Stephen D
Stephen D Dag siden
this man is such a legend he managed to rick roll us on the world's smallest projector
V5 Dag siden
The usb mini fridge looks sus
•I i c e x c r e m e•
•I i c e x c r e m e• Dag siden
That’s the cutest devices I have ever seen
Piano Rags Lad
Piano Rags Lad Dag siden
2:23 that would be horrible to use
DaVince ZA
DaVince ZA Dag siden
I love you so much😹
abby ruth
abby ruth Dag siden
Ho ho ho I'm homosexual :)
Happy Bear
Happy Bear Dag siden
Ok dhar man
the cubical gamer
the cubical gamer Dag siden
You have the same coloures of joycons I do
the reaper
the reaper Dag siden
16:33 i bet everyone here did the same
anton ladefoged
anton ladefoged Dag siden
11:55 69 uss 6.9$ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sus
cimbakahn Dag siden
Mrwhosetheboss: Is there any way that you can sharpen up the Ali Express pages? I can't read what is on the pages. I would like to see you do a review of the Alldocube iPlay 40 Tablet, and the Alldocube F40 earbuds. www.alldocube.com/en/products/iplay40/ & www.alldocube.com/en/products/f40/ Thank you!
Gabriel Claycamp
Gabriel Claycamp Dag siden
The smallest projector *SO COOL* *plays never gonna give you up* Me*f*ck you
Victor Perez
Victor Perez Dag siden
8:16 the smallest iphone in 2021 that is a high end one
Detona Games
Detona Games Dag siden
the prices: 69 96 69
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