Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?

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Full Review of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, including camera test, specs, performance, price, battery test and more! Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) : goo.gl/pLg6fE

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Mrwhosetheboss 2 måneder siden
Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade: nowindow.info/cloud/video/iICKnYmJoHmTf2w.html
Toshiro Gaming
Toshiro Gaming 2 dager siden
The best way xiaomi do is advertise there product i dont see a commercial on tv or ads on youtube about xiaomi phone thats why this is not so popular but so beast specs
Purple Oatmeal
Purple Oatmeal 15 dager siden
Did y know that if a comment reaches five hundred mini comments u can’t copy anymore also what’s the chance of anyone seeing this comment
Awesome dude
Awesome dude 28 dager siden
Which is better mi 11 ultra or iphone 12 pro max
zero!!!!! Måned siden
I like your vid, 1st time when I c U, and I subscribed, based not on Ur sugestion , but on the quality!!! Don.t take it wrong: Fuck U!! That means: You r great!!
BEAST 777 Måned siden
Will u give me that mi phone😂❤️
Ferdinando G. Suarez
Ferdinando G. Suarez 41 minutt siden
Should've taken your shirt off while showering. Looking forward to that. Oh, yes, impecable review
Cornel Paraschiv
Cornel Paraschiv 59 minutter siden
I cannot believe the lens camera do not have a physical cover, a sliding mechanism.
Singh R
Singh R Time siden
Its a huge size phone like a brick...
-5 Deagle HS
-5 Deagle HS 3 timer siden
Chinesse better from samsung are u ok??
borahebangtan 4 timer siden
i *despise* the fact that i caught jimin at 4:12 even while watching the video at 2x the speed while half-delirious with sleep 👁👄👁
Devin Waggoner
Devin Waggoner 5 timer siden
I'll just stick with my S10 plus!
Luiz Gobbi
Luiz Gobbi 6 timer siden
MIUI sucks so much and has so many system bugs. Xiaomi never again.
Martins Ohakaba
Martins Ohakaba 7 timer siden
No matter how creative Xiaomi phones get am never buying any of their products
miguel17 5 timer siden
we dont mind
ShamPayne Hossayne
ShamPayne Hossayne 7 timer siden
you outdid it on the music this time, boss! nice choice o' tunes
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 8 timer siden
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S I get that / I'll consider that / / ... It's partly strategic // // / no joke / caus will forget anyway/ were those prices / THAT FUCKING REAL??/ / (I'm asking on your behalf) / //// /// I make them stronger / by trying to keep up/ / / no joke / no cheap huh,
History Forgotten00
History Forgotten00 9 timer siden
That’s what she said.
I Shyper
I Shyper 9 timer siden
I wonder... would people who buy chinese phones, support Adolf Hitler as well? I guess they would...
Paul-Martins Ezeogu
Paul-Martins Ezeogu 11 timer siden
Way to go! Aaron. you're too much!!!!! Awesome Content all the time. This Video actually made me appreciate my meager Redmi 7, 3GB/32GB Phone 😄
vignesh creations
vignesh creations 10 timer siden
Alpha-Knight MultiPlayer
Alpha-Knight MultiPlayer 12 timer siden
We got Rick Rolled
Alpha-Knight MultiPlayer
Alpha-Knight MultiPlayer 12 timer siden
That pic from the back was Rick roll Dam
Kasey Lawrence
Kasey Lawrence 12 timer siden
Enticing, but I'll keep the spy network with you, thanks.
Muzammil Noor
Muzammil Noor 12 timer siden
Xiaomi: brighter clicks Samsung: realistic clicks Apple: buy i-light $500
J-Music 12 timer siden
Never buy chinese phones
Voily 12 timer siden
I though it was a Rick roll
No U
No U 13 timer siden
I feel like the small text says "that's what she said" i dont want to even bother to try get the right frame
結月Darklorel 13 timer siden
Funny and informative, this mans the shit
by: N
by: N 14 timer siden
Me: wow Xiaomi is getting better MIUI: eat my bugs di*khead
Dr.Martin hwang ivanowsky
Dr.Martin hwang ivanowsky 16 timer siden
It's actually like a GoPro attached on the back of the phone
AndroEmu Games
AndroEmu Games 17 timer siden
15:50 Hinestly This is why I like Miui ... Their Flagship processor Phones always have less ammount of Bugs ... Im the Type of User who Wants to Rom Around with More Features and Miui Can Quench my Thurst
Blub 18 timer siden
But no one would get it. Most people get phones for the brand name. Majority will still stick with apple or Samsung lol
panshievanpeng 20 timer siden
Xiaomi is clearly a better choice ...
Edmund Wisell
Edmund Wisell 20 timer siden
The unruly guilty phongsaly drag because sentence fortunately record throughout a inconclusive television. angry, far exchange
Mad Bear Angler
Mad Bear Angler 20 timer siden
That Rathalos LS in the background tho... :)
KUYA kuys
KUYA kuys 20 timer siden
I hope to have my own phone too😔
Cloresomy 21 time siden
Mylyn Rae Vinton-Spooner
Mylyn Rae Vinton-Spooner Dag siden
Subbed today
rido anung
rido anung Dag siden
Atleast Put the price in description
MR XBOX Dag siden
poor poor poor buy iphone
niram _
niram _ 14 timer siden
Princewill Fomuki
Princewill Fomuki Dag siden
Wow great review I crazy love it
ZeroTwoPlaysRB Dag siden
I think you're forgetting the point, the usual people who get this are youngsters who just want to brand, so they go for samsung or apple.
Edwin ARCENAL Dag siden
xiomi will send all your phone data to china.
Raj Kiran
Raj Kiran Dag siden
Add Mi 11 ultra in battery drain test please
Iulius Augustus
Iulius Augustus Dag siden
xiaomi has big issues in selling and after sales support. their support s***s big time, you get bots and answers for simple problems that look like "return to the seller and it will solve the problem" when there is a problem with their mi site and i really doubt that a small seller can do anything about their site. xiaomi for me are bots and nothing more, really nice and good quality but DO NOT even think to reach them, a black hole is more cooperative than xiaomi
5:01 is this important every time ahhh
Mark Felt
Mark Felt Dag siden
With google search on it hahahaha
weirdgamertawhid Dag siden
Xiomi :lets make a desighn tht will attract customers Xiomi's gamer employee :among us desighn Xiomi:promotion promotion promotion
Jae Lee
Jae Lee Dag siden
Leo Williams
Leo Williams Dag siden
0:02 good
Leo Williams
Leo Williams Dag siden
Сергей Сергеевич
Сергей Сергеевич Dag siden
Xiomi suck
huntepr1 Dag siden
He mentioned finger prints I have used a case for so long that I didn't know what color my phone was. I've had my phone for years and had to take the case off because it got wet. I was like wow my phone is blue.
Raaghul 12
Raaghul 12 Dag siden
xiaomi killed apple also..haha
niram _
niram _ 14 timer siden
apple already death
Anantha Krishnan kechu
Anantha Krishnan kechu Dag siden
Release the SAM
edilberto caspe gerna II
edilberto caspe gerna II Dag siden
How did Xiaomi killed Samsung? wtf!!!!!!
Monika Shrestha
Monika Shrestha Dag siden
samsung is samsung man
Forbidden User
Forbidden User Dag siden
Except that US carriers are flagging Xiaomi phones as not being "HD VOICE" compatible and will not allow the device to be activated on their networks... Is this true? No.. Of course not. There is nothing wrong with Xiaomi phones, but just because the phones are not on the "Approved" list.. They simply claim they are "not compatible".
shukapajama Dag siden
I won't buy xiaomi or any Chinese brand again. While the spec is good, the experience is low even Samsung A series is better. Random boots, annoying preinstalled app that keep asking for permission (ie calculator asking permission to access contact and making phone call) etc
Sp_Only Dag siden
Why are those so big😂😂😂
ɢʟᴇɴᴅᴊᴏʜɴ ᴅᴀǫᴜɪᴀᴅᴏ
ɢʟᴇɴᴅᴊᴏʜɴ ᴅᴀǫᴜɪᴀᴅᴏ Dag siden
*Samsung assistant arrives*
The Linux & BSD Cult T.V
The Linux & BSD Cult T.V Dag siden
For the low range cheaper smartphone i believe huawei is by far a better option .
Kings_art Dag siden
Micheal Joseph
Micheal Joseph Dag siden
Love all the way from Tanzania wish to get the mi phone
Lakshya Pratap
Lakshya Pratap Dag siden
Just one word..........This person is an "idiot"..........that's it.
GLEAMY GAMING 2 dager siden
Magotan 2 dager siden
「偉ぶって」 は草
trip travel
trip travel 2 dager siden
Samsung’s Quality still better than xiaomi But they should be nervous to be catch up by xiaomi
Lucas Loga
Lucas Loga 2 dager siden
Can you try the mous case because I want to see how unbreakable it really is
Assholyan 2 dager siden
Ok subscribed.
Snadden Pinto
Snadden Pinto 2 dager siden
Actually...thats what he said!
Jony Be
Jony Be 2 dager siden
Not with that selfi câmera.
myroseaccount 2 dager siden
How are they going to kill Samsung when they cannot sell their phones in the USA?
myroseaccount 2 dager siden
Right and I cannot use Google. My company will not support BYOD with Chinese mobiles. If you use your phone for corporate Business having a Chinese phone just will not work. I also think the USA will completely ban all Chinese phones at some point.
Hudson 2 dager siden
I love a good weighed phone. It makes it feel more quality-ish for me personally.
Sans. 2 dager siden
And now US is gonna ban this too
Sans. 2 dager siden
Samsung: laughs in samantha
Manrajjeet Singh Sidhu
Manrajjeet Singh Sidhu 2 dager siden
Why u addressed xiaomi as she why not it?
bannajirocks 2 dager siden
I will buy Samsung. Don’t want to buy a Chinese Virus country phone... who killed millions by manufacturing a virus. To hell with China and even USA for funding gain of research
flipwait 2 dager siden
The sneaky shallot collaterally pat because aunt cosmetically unpack excluding a absent anethesiologist. tame, jumbled psychiatrist
Junze Zheng
Junze Zheng 2 dager siden
that hammer-time and deadpan "XIAOMI IS TRYING TO KILL SAMSUNG" got me so bad. fantastic abs exercise hahaha
123abc 2 dager siden
what about one plus?
123abc 2 dager siden
the rear display should be an always on amoled display showing the time
123abc 2 dager siden
people say the samsung is expensive but don't factor in they give you more for your old phone and even throw in galaxy buds for free so it's actually a lot cheaper than other flagships like Apple despite looking like it's more expensive in terms of msrp. (at least here in the states).
bworks 2 dager siden
O:58 we caught Arun in 4 k bois
DaggerMouth 2 dager siden
They didn't
mtn silviu
mtn silviu 2 dager siden
It's not just the hardware, but the software has a big impact. Don't forget all the Chinese bloatware and UI that your xiaomi comes. The Samsung software is spot on. You could root both phones yes and remove all the crap from xiaomi. Meanwhile huawei can't be rooted..
Jerico Alba
Jerico Alba 2 dager siden
so cool. view count per video is sometimes larger than the subscribers. this guy is so cool
Mark Biplob
Mark Biplob 2 dager siden
which camera u use for vlogging in this video?
leo Messi
leo Messi 2 dager siden
Samsung: Fast charging Xiaomi: Ultra-fast charging Apple: No charger :p
Dávid Gere
Dávid Gere 2 dager siden
Do you not realize, that what you show, is the watch time from subscribers and non subscribers? Both at fifty %.. Aaaaand where do you put the stupid "subcribe to me" clip? At the video's half way mark. So that clearly means, that when you put in that clip, almost everyone clicks off your video.
TheKarmaBoi _
TheKarmaBoi _ 2 dager siden
But Samsung got Sam now
nov_9II Gaming
nov_9II Gaming 2 dager siden
shout out to iphone user😆
amin rori mitsurugi
amin rori mitsurugi 2 dager siden
Nice wyvern blade you got there😁
Janmeyjay Shukla
Janmeyjay Shukla 2 dager siden
I got Rick Rolled lmao
Rob McAllister
Rob McAllister 2 dager siden
Samsung will never die
Aadil Khan
Aadil Khan 2 dager siden
Alexa Bernard
Alexa Bernard 2 dager siden
5:01 getting rick rolled
Bill Joseph Ramos
Bill Joseph Ramos 3 dager siden
Nope. It's still a Chinese brand and that's what keeping most of the people from getting one. We couldn't and shouldn't risk our privacy.
Sean Fadhilah
Sean Fadhilah 2 dager siden
@Bill Joseph Ramos now you normies better shut up and get lost
Sean Fadhilah
Sean Fadhilah 2 dager siden
@Bill Joseph Ramos iPhone is very suit for you cuz only retarded could get themselves some malware in their phone, iPhone don't keep virus away from users but keep users away from the virus so it's best for you. If you could afford one though
Bill Joseph Ramos
Bill Joseph Ramos 2 dager siden
@Sean Fadhilah of course. I do care about my privacy to protect my personal data from "potential" hackers like you. Lol
Sean Fadhilah
Sean Fadhilah 2 dager siden
Boy crying over privacy like he have something worth to "spy"
VietCong Army
VietCong Army 3 dager siden
If I not live in Korea then I will definitely buy Xiaomi
Official Zuko Enoshima
Official Zuko Enoshima 3 dager siden
My man really just flashed into existence
TheEpicMI7YO !
TheEpicMI7YO ! 3 dager siden
why do you have a mirror cube
tobechukwu onwuegbuzia
tobechukwu onwuegbuzia 3 dager siden
Great video, do you talk about Infinix or Tecno phone brands?
JorgesVirtuale 3 dager siden
I replayed the shower part like... 200 times ...
Jasper 3 dager siden
Why you didn't talk about Sony's phones ?!!
rahul obe
rahul obe 3 dager siden
Xiaomi is the best, only problem is that they are Chinese so out the window...
Himanshu Kulkarni
Himanshu Kulkarni 3 dager siden
Yo sorry bruv. I cant keep you subscribed. Reason- Just because you are a fil*hy gryffindor. Being a Slytherin I cant let gryffindors win in the subs race.😂😂 JK. Keep up with your videos. Like 'em a lot! 💞
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