OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Test Comparison.

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Camera Comparison of OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - including night mode, 4k video, zoom, slow mo, selfies etc. Do consider subscribing if you like my videos! 😁

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Mrwhosetheboss 2 måneder siden
Took your feedback from the last camera test and tried to implement it all here! Fingers crossed you like it! 🤞 To check out my Unboxing of the OnePlus 9 Pro:
Ibrahim Dawod
Ibrahim Dawod Måned siden
Bro I did like it!
Sound of Aryan
Sound of Aryan Måned siden
Paid partnership with Samsung. Why don't you see the price gap between those 2 phones which is massive and after 3 4 updates oneplus can go more clear and sharper then Samsung or iPhone so please don't hype that only Samsung phones are good even oneplus can do better shots...
Nico Gulastani
Nico Gulastani Måned siden
Nice vid in Wollaton park 👍
ethiopian best satellite dish trainer
ethiopian best satellite dish trainer Måned siden
give me one smart phone please
zoei Måned siden
Is this the Samsung ultra with the snapdragon?
Jasim Habeeb
Jasim Habeeb 10 timer siden
i love how arun suddenly switched to the CEO of passionfruit
Adnan Saleem
Adnan Saleem 15 timer siden
When he doesn't want oneplus to win😂😂
Th0mas Dag siden
I am going to stick with my Sony a6000 and a fully manual 55mm f1.8 for portraits - no phone can beat that 😂 But I really am into the 9pro because of it's "afordable" pricepoint... But still I'm gonna wait for it to get a bit cheaper
Galaxy Neptunia
Galaxy Neptunia 3 dager siden
Go Samsung!!!
RJ Kailash vicky
RJ Kailash vicky 3 dager siden
but even one plus is fighting with that price
lamih 009
lamih 009 3 dager siden
The oneplus 9 pro front camera is the same sensor used in their older phones
An Old Flame
An Old Flame 4 dager siden
Not gonna lie, quite disappointed with my Camera. I can't even zoom in and record at the same time. And zooming in anywhere past 10x makes it terrible.
Thamilchelvan vithurshan
Thamilchelvan vithurshan 5 dager siden
Try the Oneplus 9 Pro camera now a days and make a review about it . bcs after updates it is amazing
Akhilesh Verma
Akhilesh Verma 6 dager siden
Kuch bhi kaho Samsung is best
Krushna Chaudhari
Krushna Chaudhari 6 dager siden
I think you are taking side of Samsung here so much
Michael thapa
Michael thapa 6 dager siden
R.Subham 7 dager siden
I can here his voice for 24×7.... Doesn't matter what he is talking about 😄
BugByte Gaming
BugByte Gaming 8 dager siden
Aatika Aftab
Aatika Aftab 8 dager siden
The price tho😂
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker 8 dager siden
I want to buy a smart phone with legit camera for youtube videos mostly indoor, but the samsung products are very expensive and i'm looking for something less expensive then the samsung s series or note. Someone please help me out to pick right one for me
Dhanapal D G
Dhanapal D G 9 dager siden
The worst part in S21 Ultra is the phone heats up after 10 mins usage of camera. The camera shuts off with a over heating warning message.
Vickram Dass
Vickram Dass 9 dager siden
I am shocked that 1+ still struggles with contrast and over exposing the background. Damn it's hard to beat a giant like Samsung. The have a huge R&D team, so still props to 1+ for coming this far. Still love my 7Pro! More phone with out a hole Puch camera 📸
Boddhi Bo
Boddhi Bo 9 dager siden
ONE PLU Always sucked, why people are crazy about this brand?
Md Rehman
Md Rehman 10 dager siden
Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g better
hiei clint
hiei clint 10 dager siden
can you make a comparison of samsung s21 ultra vs vivo x60 pro plus
Humayun Hussain
Humayun Hussain 10 dager siden
Bruh, my phone is great with detail, but skin tones are not accurate, my iphone 11 has such great skintones which feel natural, if one plus fix skin tones really just copy apple and improve selfie skintones, no phone could beat this capable smartphone camera. If you could email this request to OnePlus that would be a great help to all of us
ZezrinaDoesGame 11 dager siden
Personally I prefer the colors on the oneplus
Kamlesh Diwach
Kamlesh Diwach 11 dager siden
Teri nationlity btao
PHONO PATHY 12 dager siden
PHONO PATHY 12 dager siden
Big fan sir
Naseer Shaik
Naseer Shaik 12 dager siden
every time any other company launches a flagship..They are actually indirectly advertising iphone or samsung flagship cause they are being compared
John Wee
John Wee 14 dager siden
Buy dlsr if u are looking for the best camera
TheDOON 14 dager siden
I love how phones went from nextels walki talki features and Nokia changing face plates to yeah the pixels on this 4k video seem slightly off haha I don't know why I was just think about how far phones have come
ReoisLive 14 dager siden
You are right I'm agree with you I'm face bad experience after buy 1 plus 9 pro 12 gb 256 gb overheating problem, automaticall reduce performance & graphics when gameing on phone and phone heat , i can't use camera above 15 - 20 minutes this is flagship example 😡🤬 , phone battery optimization very bad battery charging fast but battary drain too fast compair to charging & brand recommend , 1 plus claims phone never hang because in this phone have Snapdragon 888 flagship processor but in reality my phone is too hang when I'm playing games on high graphics & when multitasking this is not flagship phone this is wrost phone ever of one plus overall range , I'm feeling guilty after buy this expensive but wrost phone ever. I don't like this problems - overheating,phone hang when high graphics gameing & multitasking , you cant use camera above 15 minutes,fast battary drainens poor battary optimization, not value for money when comparing camera, battary optimization,poor update about performance ,main & important overheating , main important not more 5band available compair to other chipest prize range phone & also late giving important information about 5g band can't get more 5g band ever in future 😨😡🙄this is best phone ever example of flagship absolutely not ever I'm ver disappointed after 1 plus told on wrong time after buying mostly people's you cant get more 5g band I'm feel cheated with me😭😡🤬 im not suggesting this fraude brand to anyone
Nimali Dilanka
Nimali Dilanka 15 dager siden
Only tech channel that educates you and is fun to watch
Dex Fin
Dex Fin 16 dager siden
Why can't do you vivo x60 pro plus vs galaxy s21 ultra or mi 11 ultra camera comparison 😑
Three45 16 dager siden
He gets lot of money from chinese brands like one plus and Xiaomi so he never let one plus and mi 😀😀
Sonu Sv
Sonu Sv 16 dager siden
Sumsung prize
Zaw Leeh Official
Zaw Leeh Official 16 dager siden
Still I'll choose OnePlus 9pro... Been using this flagship for 4yrs
Erbil forever
Erbil forever 16 dager siden
But how often a person needs zoom? Maybe once in 3 years
Mario Maur
Mario Maur 16 dager siden
i thought you were going to zoom the *ss 😂🤣
La marmotte des internets
La marmotte des internets 17 dager siden
The oneplus photos looks shitty compared to the samsung's This "Hasselblad" branding is 100% bullshit
sam 17 dager siden
Samsung camera takes natural with so much clarity 😍
Zsolt S
Zsolt S 17 dager siden
Egy újabb samsung beépített ember, oneplus fényévekkel jobb, ügyesen manipulaltad a op. fotokat hogy rosszabb legyen mennyit fizet a samu🤬
Parth Yadav
Parth Yadav 17 dager siden
Seems like he is attending his weeding 🙂😂🙂😂😂👍
Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson 19 dager siden
Oh, hello wollaton park!
Sushi Dud
Sushi Dud 20 dager siden
Oneplus has updated its software, is it better now?
HGCM SkilzZz
HGCM SkilzZz 20 dager siden
Nee poda ne full udayippa
Realme Nazro
Realme Nazro 20 dager siden
S21 u. ,lit✨✨
Saurabh Gaming
Saurabh Gaming 21 dag siden
Your videos erase all our doubts
TECH TAMILA 22 dager siden
S21 ultra is best
PieRRe 22 dager siden
for 400$+ difference I think the OnePlus 9 Pro is a beast.
D Rautela
D Rautela 22 dager siden
it's like a comparison between a dog(OnePlus) vs Lion(samsung).. Chinese cheap quality is No match to Korean High tech.
Abhinav T
Abhinav T 22 dager siden
Fun fact : u can't record video more than 15 min in samsung Stop recording due to High temp👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Waste of money
Shubham Bisht
Shubham Bisht 22 dager siden
just want to ask is there any improvements in the camera of one plus 9 pro after s/w updates?
Leo Raj
Leo Raj 23 dager siden
Definitely worked I'd say!
HH talkies
HH talkies 23 dager siden
could you do the video oneplus 9pro vs vivo x60pro plus comparion
Abhin Prasad
Abhin Prasad 23 dager siden
S21 ultra pls wait for the pixel 6😎
Rodrigo Vega
Rodrigo Vega 23 dager siden
I would love to see a comparison between the S21 Ultra and the Vivo x60 Pro Plus🙌🏻🙌🏻
Hemanth kumar Damarla
Hemanth kumar Damarla 24 dager siden
Anyone planning to buy Oneplus phone,pls use this voucher and u will get Rs.500 or $10 discount for ur accessory or gear when u buy any accessory or gear when buying along with
Arshia Salmaniyan
Arshia Salmaniyan 24 dager siden
Perfecttt, Good luck 😀💙💙💎✨💚💙✨🔥🔥✨💎💙💚👑💎🔥💚💙
Madusanka De Silva
Madusanka De Silva 24 dager siden
🔴Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra 5G -Not charging adaptor -Not headset -227g -Aluminium frame -IP68 dust Water-Resistant -40MP , f/2.2(4K,1080p) -6.8" screen -1440×3200 Resolution -2:9 Ratio[ Dynamic AMOLED ] -120Hz Refresh Rate -Adreno 660 GPU -Android 11 one UI 3.1 -Lithium Ion 5000mAh Battery ............................................. 🔴 OnePlus 9 Pro -Warp charging Type C cable -Not headset -197g -aluminium frame -IP68 dust Water-Resistant -16MP ,f/2.4 (1080p) -6.7 screen -1440×3216 Resolution -2.9Ratio[LTPO Fluid2 AMOLED] -Mail-678MP14 GPU -Android base OXYGEN OS 11 -Lithium-Ion 4500mAh Battery
pita pita
pita pita 24 dager siden
Thank you, hah ha no longer saving up for OnePlus 9 Pro. Very good, informative, comparison.
multiplegamesman 25 dager siden
1:43 why u zooming in on dat lolol
Bo-Laurids Jähde
Bo-Laurids Jähde 25 dager siden
刘钊 25 dager siden
But one plus only costs a half of what Samsung costs.
sheela caroline
sheela caroline 25 dager siden
more like 1minus
GuitarTablatureSkill 25 dager siden
Agree with your whole 12 comparison point but not in category number 7-8-9-10. Four of them should belong to OnePlus 9 Pro. imho. Nice vids and love your presentation, btw.
N. A.
N. A. 26 dager siden
Azka Fauzan
Azka Fauzan 26 dager siden
1:37 hmm kinda familiar
Vørtex Gaming
Vørtex Gaming 25 dager siden
We are no strangers to love
vinu vendan
vinu vendan 26 dager siden
Samsung ultra actually useless, not worthy, becoz it's heavily heated while using camera,,, and the camera turned off automatically.... Sooo don't buy it guys.
Israfil Alam Asif
Israfil Alam Asif 27 dager siden
You're genius brother 😊
Saikat Sarker
Saikat Sarker 27 dager siden
please make galaxy s21+ camera review with iphone 11 and 12
Richie Cowan
Richie Cowan 28 dager siden
I have s21 ultra and OnePlus 9 pro. For me my favorite is the OnePlus. It's lighter and ever so slightly smaller. I was a bit dubious because if all the reviews stating that it's camera could be better? Well I'm not sure if I just got a freak one then as the photos ony OnePlus ate the best iv ever had on a camera. The detail is phenomenal! It beats put my s21 ultra in my eyes all the time. But again that's my eyes. But I'll say don't be worried about the camera it's superb. Speed is absolutely blistering. None of that stutter you sometimes get in the s21 ukyra although it's improved greatly on past touch whiz. I'm not beating down on the s21 ultra, it's a superb phone . It's just for me the OnePlus is better in my eyes. And cheaper.
Tomi Alaga
Tomi Alaga 28 dager siden
Sunil Yadav
Sunil Yadav 28 dager siden
dont know why but i actually like 1+ 9Pro....
bas stop k.s.b
bas stop k.s.b 28 dager siden
U mane the one plus 9 pro is not good phone or wt i want to know please
Madero 29 dager siden
*grabs popcorn
Zaid 29 dager siden
7:55 him explaining to his future wife that he had something important to do for which he left the wedding
Zaid 29 dager siden
1:39 rick just vibing
Darren Mallia
Darren Mallia Måned siden
Hi Aaron, are you using the Exynos version or Snapdragon for the S21 Ultra?
Vørtex Gaming
Vørtex Gaming 25 dager siden
Snd version
Richie Cowan
Richie Cowan Måned siden
Try again now that the OnePlus has had a few software updates. I own both these phones and I can say the OnePlus is easily comparble with the s21 ultra now and even surpasses it on the camera front in some ways. As far as software goes and smoothness it's night and day I'm favour of OnePlus . Still the fastest, smoothest experience on any device. I'll say this though. Oneplus should have had all this camera issues resolved before release. They've chosen to go up against the big boys now. That means big boy Res, none of this sorting it out as you go along. No no , not whem youre charging full flagship prices OnePlus.
Evan Perrault
Evan Perrault Måned siden
I wish I could get this phone. My phone choice is oneplus 9 pro
Shahebaz Måned siden
how much samsung has given u
Vørtex Gaming
Vørtex Gaming 25 dager siden
Bruh clearly samsung is better, He is proving his points unlike blindly holding on to it
Ibrahim Dawod
Ibrahim Dawod Måned siden
I love your videos Mrwhostheboss!
Felix Korff
Felix Korff Måned siden
I actually liked the Microphone on the Oneplus way better.
Beauty Neytiri
Beauty Neytiri Måned siden
can you please tell me, is the haptic feedback good on your oneplus 9 pro unit ? last week i ordered a oneplus 9 pro and the haptic feedback was very bad compared to my oneplus 7 pro and even my oneplus nord... especially when i downloaded a haptic feedback app to test on both my oneplus nord and 9 pro it was very clear that it felt very hollow and cheap on the 9 pro whereas on the nord its very solid and strong. i sent it back to receive another one hoping it was a faulty unit so i'm really curious what you can say about it
John Smith
John Smith Måned siden
Wollaston Hall & Park?
mad lipz
mad lipz Måned siden
I like s21 ultra
Andrew Måned siden
I would appreciate it if you specified which Samsung S21 Ultra you're using! I just started watching your NOwindow channel and it's the best out there. I just want to know if the S21 Ultra you are using is Exynos 2100 or Snapdragon 888 powered because I'm in Singapore and you only get the Exynos version. You can get the Snapdragon version if you import it but it costs $300 more. Do you think it's worth it?
Marcos H. Ary
Marcos H. Ary Måned siden
Very good video
علاء عصايرة
علاء عصايرة Måned siden
#GazaUnderAttack #savesheikhjarrah #Palestineunderattak #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح
RedBlackFilms Måned siden
1:10 - BUT Samsung's Ultrawide is 12mp. OnePlus' is 50. So if it's as close as it was in your example, all one has to do is crop in and it would then be equivalent and further while still keeping the resolution advantage.
A2Z VIDEOS Måned siden
Angrez ki .........
Vørtex Gaming
Vørtex Gaming 25 dager siden
Chup kar racist
Monscent Måned siden
Shouldve compared it to the regular 21
Rahulsinh Solanki
Rahulsinh Solanki Måned siden
Don't watch this One-sided comparison 👆
Vørtex Gaming
Vørtex Gaming 25 dager siden
Oh please, He is proving his points, clearly samsung is better, Prove one point on what he said is incorrect
DAZZO7 Måned siden
Huawei mate 40
Nizamuddeen Faizee
Nizamuddeen Faizee Måned siden
Samsung s21 ultra literally won in every test. Even in 7 he made it a draw. But Samsung leads. And in the end. S21 shots were way more better than oneplus except for some small details
FEG Måned siden
Sad to say it but oneplus is slowly dying 😢
Sushil Bhusal
Sushil Bhusal Måned siden
Oh come on S21 Ultra's the King
No Covid Jab
No Covid Jab Måned siden
Mr Posh lol
JBL FanBreakersツ
JBL FanBreakersツ Måned siden
My Samsung J2 Pro Also Like One Plus 9 Pro Zooming
Ibrahim Qazi
Ibrahim Qazi Måned siden
Pause at 3:35 Thank me later.
Ruksar Khan
Ruksar Khan Måned siden
Vovo x 60 pro plus vs oneplus plss make video
Ryan Sequeira
Ryan Sequeira Måned siden
Everyone concentrating on the cameras Me: why's Arun wearing a suit in the Jungle
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