ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Unboxing - So Fast it's Funny.

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3 måneder siden

Unboxing and Review of both the ROG Phone 5 \u0026 ROG Phone 5 Ultimate edition, the two fastest, most powerful smartphones in 2021...But, there's a catch.

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Mrwhosetheboss 3 måneder siden
Yet again, 800 of you beat me to first you guys have one ready to go or something? 😂 To check out my last video on a very interesting smartphone gadget:
The 3rd Sus
The 3rd Sus 7 dager siden
Where could I get one
Movie_ plaza_
Movie_ plaza_ 29 dager siden
Enlighten 001
Enlighten 001 29 dager siden
This market is tiny right now but as much immersive and power hungry smart phone games are getting and also the titles that are coming in the next couple of years, this market will get bigger ,much bigger.
NCS – Playlists
NCS – Playlists Måned siden
Dr Mahamed Armiye Abdillahi
Dr Mahamed Armiye Abdillahi Måned siden
@Cuberang @
ABHIZZ game 11 timer siden
How to buy
Herculean 11 timer siden
It feels like a warm hug of a caring mother when developers make products the can be customized to the fullest. ROG P5 takes that.
Herculean 12 timer siden
Not gonna lie. If you're going to spend that much on a phone. Just save up a little more for a PC instead.
Laurence Jay Buen
Laurence Jay Buen 18 timer siden
Him: Questioning Asus what will they improve to the higher model Him: Camera! Asus: hmm Gamers: MORE PERFORMANCE!!! Asus: I gotcha homie
Sai Subhash
Sai Subhash 20 timer siden
Which is best Rog 5 ultimate or mi 11 ultra
Astromonkey Dag siden
İt has more ram that some smartphones total storage
Tokii Dag siden
Listening to your voice is more satisfying than reviewing phone
Longbow120 Dag siden
Where can you even get this phone?
thatcreator who's dumb
thatcreator who's dumb Dag siden
British Technical Guruji
hy3na Dag siden
bypass charging is probably the best feature
PHANTOM Dag siden
1:07 villager
LegendaryPO Dag siden
The fact that this video had 3 non skippable 25 seconds ad made me gave a compelled to install NOwindow Vanced now......
jun_hello Dag siden
Anybody see the steve at 01.05
Dimitris K
Dimitris K 2 dager siden
Rog phone 5 is better performing than rog laptops those days 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oreo Justin Vlogs
Oreo Justin Vlogs 2 dager siden
Thanks for this Review Sir, I think I got a new Target Phone for my plan on trying to get a shot for Call of Duty Mobile Career. Though you've got a lot of points that ROG should have improved more.. thats Camera Improvements and some better phone looks outside
Glen 2 dager siden
This is the best phone ever, if you want to sell it, please let me know 👍😉 As a new ones out of my price range. I love your vids, there the best tech ones on here, many thanks 👍
Sujit Sutar
Sujit Sutar 2 dager siden
Who needs camera just power and performance
Roman Kozlovskiy
Roman Kozlovskiy 2 dager siden
Still loses against A14
Akshay Lohar
Akshay Lohar 3 dager siden
4:04 dont tell me you haven't seen the bottle go down 🤫
Godwin Mirza
Godwin Mirza 3 dager siden
My phones whole storage itself 16gb
Listener 3 dager siden
it's a gaming phone.
BEECIE 3 dager siden
How is wish I have one of those😢😢
sonya manning
sonya manning 4 dager siden
The tan smell randomly spill because thread hopefully suppose unlike a bent playground. scrawny, spiffy latency
The Author of Pain
The Author of Pain 4 dager siden
Just in case I get this phone (not even in dreams) then I'm not even using this, I'll keep in my box 😂
Jayro Gil Fabian
Jayro Gil Fabian 4 dager siden
Dude, nobody cares about a camera, this is a gaming phone, we (gamers) don't care about cameras, lol
Surgical Power
Surgical Power 4 dager siden
He already said that it is great for gamers but for an average consumer, it is not because of the cameras
Peppermint 4 dager siden
Yeah Looking outside tell how powerful a thing is
BrO MiLES 4 dager siden
Y E 4 dager siden
Having 18gb of ram is an insult to tech savvy’s. Even Windows doesn’t require that much most of the time and it’s one of the most inefficient OSs. It just goes to show how sloppy their Android is. Also, i doubt any user can fill up that stack. You’ll end up wasting battery and slowing the system down (the entire memory stick needs to be refreshed even if not used). And thats just one point out of many to the hw. Also, phone games are simple and don’t require much horsepower. What problem are they trying to solve?? Just seems like a blunt phone targeting none techies who think more is always better while the phone makers clearly know better
Toxic Dude
Toxic Dude Dag siden
agreed 18 gb is overkill for an Android Even 4/6/8 GB ram does a great job with good processor Some idiots just thinks more ram = more speed without considering its side effects
joseph gallo
joseph gallo 4 dager siden
I agree I used to exclusively buy asus phones till they walked away from the camera and midrange phones
243 ۷eŋƙatesh
243 ۷eŋƙatesh 4 dager siden
Btw, whose throwing Duster🤔, is it Cameraman.? 😂
renheart taja
renheart taja 4 dager siden
Great ctritics, Great points.. 👌
Rabin Banjade
Rabin Banjade 5 dager siden
we all got rick rolled 😂😂
Bhakti Bhajan
Bhakti Bhajan 5 dager siden
Please give me this phone
vasista sai
vasista sai 5 dager siden
7:14 this dude is rickrolling us!!!!!
ITCHYhead 5 dager siden
Why there was bottel at 4:05 ?
Swatantra Dongre
Swatantra Dongre 5 dager siden
I think they focus on 5% of the market because they're the ones that'll actually buy the new phone everytime Asus launches an upgrade. Everyone else like us are here just for the reviews and entertainment.
Devyani Chowdhury
Devyani Chowdhury 5 dager siden
Can someone tell me which software he uses to check the performance
Arnaldo Bernier
Arnaldo Bernier 6 dager siden
1:08 what’s the background music called?
Rodrigo Christian Grataroli Quintas
Rodrigo Christian Grataroli Quintas 6 dager siden
eu tô excitado MANO ! ... porra tudo de americano é falar que a porra tá excitada ! Vai tomar no cú porra !"
Crazy Dog
Crazy Dog 6 dager siden
I heard its so fast it will shutdown after turning it on! Amazing
Terminator 6 dager siden
I love watching things that i cant afford.
ArlegendGamer13 4 dager siden
Troggs 6 dager siden
When a phone has 2 more gigs of ram than your PC
Nobody 6 dager siden
But that type of ram isn't as good as 16GB DDR4 for example. Idk the RAM's frequency of that phone, but usually most RAM cards are 2600Mhz or 3600Mhz for PC (those are standard values rn) That should definitely be OP compared to the phone RAM. (this is for those who say "But even my PC doesn't have that much RAM") Still, THIS phone with the rest of it's accessories is a MUST HAVE for phone gamers.
rooney darko
rooney darko 6 dager siden
best phone ever..thats all
Ernesto Palacios
Ernesto Palacios 7 dager siden
I don't know what ASUS would have to do in order to overtake the iPhone. People in the US don't buy iPhones because of their cameras, the iPhone is a status symbol. Next we have to consider the market, he talks about recommending this phone on the western world, yeah good luck with that, people here can afford actual gaming consoles with $60+ a pop for a game. Phone games are for the most part free with microtransactions, meaning that you can get a better game experience if you drop $5 here and there. So yeah, this phone targets middle east to the Asian markets in which said features are not niche but actually sought after.
black dahlia
black dahlia 7 dager siden
Watching this on Rog 3
Joel Cofreros
Joel Cofreros 7 dager siden
as a gamer, i do not care about the camera, it is all about the performance of the device, i do not even mind if the next ROG phone will not include a camera as long as they will keep on improving its performance to be the best gaming phone there is
Nemesis 7 dager siden
Can i buy the deck of cards ? lol
Xavier Xin
Xavier Xin 8 dager siden
How much is the pay to be your assistance? I also want to throw sponge at you!
red kiddo
red kiddo 8 dager siden
18 gigs of ram ! More then my PC and cheaper then my pc {;-;}
Marxius Ivan Adolf Denniel Lomboy
Marxius Ivan Adolf Denniel Lomboy 8 dager siden
7:14 top right corner. Dude, whym
eno88 8 dager siden
We're not talking about that water bottle?
jumpsteady1999 8 dager siden
They should focus extremely on a narrow niche phone. I feel like despite liking samsung, in the grand scheme it's not that different than the others. Everyone is accomplishing the same thing and intended goals with different uis and software. Rog phone, while maybe not for everyone atleast has the balls to be a high end phone not for everyone. From what I've seen though it could really step the camera up. I think that's becoming an area of smartphones you just can't afford to be lacking on. Because competition looks stunning and features are impressive. But if the rog phone ever backsteps and becomes more like the other phones imo it's a wash. There's a whole slew of brands out there nailing being your typical smart phone. There is no shortage of typical cell phone options. So rog should proudly stay as far away from being a typical phone as they can. Otherwise they truly will become a gimmick instead of a true niche that owns its spot. I think they accomplish the whole gaming smartphone thing well and can still get better at it. Maybe one day owning multiple smart phones will have more purpose and niche designs like this will rise.
jumpsteady1999 8 dager siden
I like weird novelty swag items. The towel is probably the most useful. The Legos are funny.
Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming 8 dager siden
The cameras are ok Me who only takes screenshots: Ok
MarkVlogs 8 dager siden
I never use the camera, even if i do i just dont really care if its good its good.
Subhrajeet beura
Subhrajeet beura 8 dager siden
4:04 bottle going down 😂
Peter Lu
Peter Lu 8 dager siden
I prefer the toned down aesthetic.
`NAZZ. 8 dager siden
Tbh u dont rly need camera and speaker All u need is an earphone jack Thats the omly thing u need for gaming
Akari Light
Akari Light 9 dager siden
Where do you buy the Rog 5? I can't find it anywhere and theres like 20 versions on Amazon.
Hiruka Karasinghe
Hiruka Karasinghe 9 dager siden
comparatively speaking this is a really wet video tho...
BLACK.OUT. 9 dager siden
7:14 was that a rickroll
A 2 X
A 2 X 9 dager siden
Hello boss. Which one will u suggst rog 5 or red megic 6
「マイスター」Meister 9 dager siden
Finally, I don't have to buy a phone with an insane camera I hardly use but can play any kind of game on it. If I wanted an unspecialized phone, I'd get a Samsung. In fact, I might even not because of how poorly some games run on Enoxys chips (which are on phones sold outside of US and Japan) rather than a good ol snapdragon. I think that is the preposition; go after a well-endowed niche that is neglected by generics and invisible to consumers inside the US.
Yamaha Yaw
Yamaha Yaw 9 dager siden
I had 3 unit of Asus phone-zenfone. Camera performance for these model = NG. As a result, i jump to Hauwei.
Lolbee-SFM 10 dager siden
My pc has 8gb of ram... How does a phone have more than my pc?!?!?
Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari 10 dager siden
You think I didn't see that? 7:13 top right😂
Halo18 11 dager siden
you would get banned for hacking if you use this
Munna Mon
Munna Mon 11 dager siden
Please give me one phon bro 😭😭😭😭😭
Hans ROEMER 11 dager siden
@Mrwhosetheboss First: I realiy like your videos, Sekond: Wich Phone should I buy for 230€?
Jake Duncan
Jake Duncan 11 dager siden
The harmonious mercury atypically wail because clerk emotionally compete within a righteous tramp. wide-eyed, fixed doubt
Kamugin1 12 dager siden
Cool, awesome even. If that niche is big enough to profit from, ASUS is in the right path. I do like high specs even if I'm not into gaming on a smartphone, or gaming on a PC, or gaming on a console... actually I'm not into gaming at all. And I do have a fairly powerful PC (assembled by me in 2019) with a Ryzen 5 3600, a Radeon RX 580 (8GB model), 32GB of RAM and my phone is a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Actually It's a shame I'm not being a gamer =P
Random Person
Random Person 12 dager siden
Me: uses my phone only to watch youtube and playing games Me: looks at this phone Me: **PERFECT**
Surya 12 dager siden
im using micromax Q380 for like 6 years..and it have 1000mb ram..
Lex Goh
Lex Goh 12 dager siden
Very bad build quality. Hardware failure
SHREE GAMING 12 dager siden
Edran 12 dager siden
honestly its a gaming phone, so it aims at gamers, so camera doesnt matter. im surprised the camera has that much pixels. but one part i do agree with u on is the lights at the back. cause in a phone a battery means alot, and to see it taken away by led lights is a pain, ik led dont consume that much battery, but in a phone even 1% counts
Heavy_Logic 12 dager siden
Where do you buy this phone?!?!
Heavy_Logic 12 dager siden
Ngl as a gamer I'm not super oriented around a good camera. Being able to run the game is what I care about. XD
C҉E҉R҉B҉E҉R҉U҉S҉ 13 dager siden
@8:39 Yo wtf man, get that phone of the bricks man! You almost gave me a heart attack.
Surya Venkat
Surya Venkat 13 dager siden
If this phone is something that is only for a small group of people, what's the lenovo legion doing? In built cooling system??What percentage of people would want a fan protruding out of their phone? I get it. The base version should have had a more cleaner design and better cameras.
Sabbir Rahman
Sabbir Rahman 13 dager siden
risath 14 dager siden
1:08 minecraft yo
julian martin muega
julian martin muega 14 dager siden
We don't need that much of ram lol
Levi Summers
Levi Summers 14 dager siden
7:11 you rick-rolled us
marlon Fernandez
marlon Fernandez 14 dager siden
D4nker 14 dager siden
When is this coming out?
Sahil 14 dager siden
4:04 the bottle knows magic like dr. Strange 😂😂😂
JC cordial
JC cordial 14 dager siden
K R 15 dager siden
I disagree. That camera is good enough. Most people in most of the world don't buy a S21. But if you told them they can buy a PS5-power phone, that is 100 bucks less and is insanely powerful more than the S21 a lot of people would say an emphatic yes!
Zest Owl
Zest Owl 15 dager siden
the thing is its bad but you know at least they do something that many companies neglect which is a good example like Most Sony Phones And Also The beautiful Red hydrogen
krishnadev js
krishnadev js 15 dager siden
No one: Me : 4:04
Ehaab Saad
Ehaab Saad 16 dager siden
can you give as link to buy it or any one know the trust link to buy it
FUN JOY KNOWLEDGE 16 dager siden
Hey what is that "I can msg to Arun "
FUN JOY KNOWLEDGE 16 dager siden
Henry Le Roux 3
Henry Le Roux 3 17 dager siden
I which I had one
Gamers should review this phone.
Synerthrax 18 dager siden
omg i want one so baad i only just heard of these phones because of you! i gotta try to find one someday
H.O.S._bandit 18 dager siden
I have to disagree correct me if I'm wrong here people but I feel like this phone doesn't just appeal to gamers but also a huge relatively untapped market of people like me who AREN'T gamers, but ARE the type of people that are bored & unimpressed w choosing from the same ½ dozen or so offerings & just enjoy having something badass that most people haven't even heard of
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