The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀

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You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 - Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $200,000 smartphone unboxing.

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Drum Beats
Drum Beats 49 minutter siden
170k phone? What for?! Unless it'll save me from a pending doom, say save me from a car crash or drowning... it's insane what some people would spend their money on. All I want from a phone is a good volume quality, long lasting battery life and that I can hear my calls.
jordan bailey
jordan bailey 53 minutter siden
It's so sad that there's actually people in the world that wish they could have a house and food, and this day is just bang, very expensivephone
Dareanthomas879 2 timer siden
What do you do with all those phones
Baccu Sewyn
Baccu Sewyn 3 timer siden
The relieved pike resultantly trade because chess routinely place regarding a cautious interviewer. robust, daily whale
Tygo Beerstra
Tygo Beerstra 5 timer siden
Im waching on a galxy s 3 now
Mamang Telienpa
Mamang Telienpa 5 timer siden
In few months time or no time people will definitely kick themselves in regret for Missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency
Andrew Venkat
Andrew Venkat 4 timer siden
@Benita Ez Well no doubt but they are still good and trustworthy professional expert trader out there waiting for investors
Benita Ez
Benita Ez 4 timer siden
@Andrew Venkat It obviously a lot of people remain poor due to lack of ignorance
Andrew Venkat
Andrew Venkat 4 timer siden
@irishnem Haokip Investing now is not bad idea especially with the current rise in Bitcoin
irishnem Haokip
irishnem Haokip 5 timer siden
Now is the best time to purchase Bitcoin and invest in Bitcoin
irishnem Haokip
irishnem Haokip 5 timer siden
Hello from UK!!! I have been an Investors in cryptocurrency for over 10year now.
hossein rezai
hossein rezai 6 timer siden
Super cool Idea
Purchase Lumière
Purchase Lumière 6 timer siden
I just watched a 20:49 minute video just for see a trash phone which doesn't have a camera.
Taco Dragon
Taco Dragon 7 timer siden
at one point he said imagine this it´s 2016... man i miss 2016
ryu gamer
ryu gamer 8 timer siden
I just got rickrolled 😐
Aaron Mamanakis
Aaron Mamanakis 12 timer siden
number 8 I LOVE IT
Bhavin Pathak
Bhavin Pathak 13 timer siden
Costliest fiasco... :)
Sunera Gamage
Sunera Gamage 15 timer siden
2:20 he knew the punch would come with the pun.
Hutman50 16 timer siden
That phantom red phone looks so gorgeous and elegant! It reminds me of guitar finishes.
Hamza Sonu
Hamza Sonu 17 timer siden
You are making a great videos I really love it
Daniel Chloe
Daniel Chloe 18 timer siden
*I gat a clone CC of $7000 from carddrone on telgram,💯💯 legit,thanks man,ama recommending you out here for there fellas to taste you*
Charles Hersha
Charles Hersha 20 timer siden
How fing rich are you
PRESS START 20 timer siden
Imagine buying an 1500$ phone and paying much more money to attach a gold bar behind it which kills the phones main feature
Frosty Dag siden
I feel like Caviar is just a scam
NC_YH Dag siden
gear vr is bad I have a Oculus Quest 2 and it is better in every way except price and weight.
Tori Lince
Tori Lince Dag siden
I hope he didnt lose a bunch of money over that worthless phone even tho the gold is expensive its just dumb
Terminator T-800
Terminator T-800 Dag siden
$170000 and $200000 are not the same price so pay me the difference right now for being stupid and watching your lies!
Julian Angel
Julian Angel Dag siden
16:08 is that burger bussin? 🧐
Taner Duman
Taner Duman Dag siden
I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Invest some of it If you want financial freedom.
Jameson Carmen
Jameson Carmen Dag siden
@Helena Agus with the username investwithkayla
Jameson Carmen
Jameson Carmen Dag siden
@Helena Agus You can reach her through Telegrm
Helena Agus
Helena Agus Dag siden
@Jameson Carmen I just started investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, how do i get in touch with your broker?
Juanyy Prnna
Juanyy Prnna Dag siden
@Jameson Carmen How amazing Mrs Michael kayla is really dominating the trading zone and making thingz easy for his investors
Mercy Thomson
Mercy Thomson Dag siden
@Jameson Carmen Hello i keep losing when i invest but i'm still trading to improve my techniques i just need a better source to invest and earn while still Trading on my own
DaVince ZA
DaVince ZA Dag siden
I love you so much😹
wagyu beef
wagyu beef Dag siden
Lmao the expensive one is the most ugly and pathetic of all the phones on the list like just buy a whole gold in the first place ffs💀
Aviel Dan
Aviel Dan Dag siden
I want the 30,000$ you wrote like it's nothing
WigantX Dag siden
So, no Passionfruit on this list...hmm...
ewfaf wefwg
ewfaf wefwg Dag siden
me who thought my iphone 12 pro max was expensive...smh
Ben Truong
Ben Truong Dag siden
I had an add of you on this video! 😂😂😂
Myth of Fidgets 1
Myth of Fidgets 1 Dag siden
16:05 just me seeing him eating in the background?
2 Percnt
2 Percnt Dag siden
Anyone catch the the that’s what she said above the gold 2000$ phone
Good Side of Gaming
Good Side of Gaming Dag siden
Phantom brown is so 😎
Valsa Sajish
Valsa Sajish Dag siden
that phantom brown edition looks like a chocolate bar
lokeshkumar Dag siden
Today is my birthday
dvhg jq
dvhg jq Dag siden
The wrecker worrisomely pull because visitor behaviourally advise amidst a three gong. grouchy, two riddle
🔥FlameYT🔥 Dag siden
The rick roll BRUH
danushka aththanayaka
danushka aththanayaka Dag siden
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Charls Tante
Charls Tante Dag siden
Wow I wise I had those phone
painkiller Gaming
painkiller Gaming Dag siden
Lawrar phone amar camera nai 😂
A Dumbass
A Dumbass Dag siden
9:24 😃damn okay
The Potato
The Potato Dag siden
16:51 is what u came fore
Vincent Ferreira
Vincent Ferreira Dag siden
Phantom brown is what happens when you wipe and there’s nothing there…🤣
Devin lillie
Devin lillie Dag siden
What do you do with all of these
Zentekie Dag siden
that color is literally the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen, phantom red is pog
ᏚᴀᴛϟᏇɪᴋ Dag siden
Mi gives better in that damn price 🌸
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Dag siden
I literally got an ad with you in it while watching this
Fox Tron
Fox Tron 2 dager siden
Damn that phone is good value for money!
Jakob .K
Jakob .K 2 dager siden
9:24.Thats what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Steve B Kalfman
Steve B Kalfman 2 dager siden
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Richie Ray
Richie Ray 2 dager siden
Indeed Mr Brown is one of the best traders in the world, I have made so much profits from trading with his recommended strategy and now I have recently made a fortune from it.
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 2 dager siden
Indeed Mr Brown is one of the best traders in the world, I have made so much profits from trading with his recommended strategy and now I have recently made a fortune from it.
Rutvik Shah
Rutvik Shah 2 dager siden
Hello sir Just want to ask if you do give away I would like to have blackberry 9981
Jenise Campbell
Jenise Campbell 2 dager siden
The halting tornado constitutively mix because adapter visually whip vice a towering mist. sharp, easy surgeon
nobody :
nobody : 2 dager siden
8:12 never gonna give
Otacz6 2 dager siden
The lambo is the Lawn tractor of luxury phones.
Heartmindandsoul Studio
Heartmindandsoul Studio 2 dager siden
Mr.boss can you send me the red magic 6.Am a serious gamer and lacks a good gaming phone
Jame's vlogs
Jame's vlogs 2 dager siden
I love it soooo much
Cordel Roberts
Cordel Roberts 2 dager siden
Isn't the gold brick removable?
prozitte 2 dager siden
ALL is fake here !
Ender Girl
Ender Girl 2 dager siden
8:12..... 🤣
Benas Varanavičius
Benas Varanavičius 2 dager siden
8:13 Why there is a never gonna give you up?
Parv Bhardwaj
Parv Bhardwaj 2 dager siden
The $200K phone was a disappointment, honestly. Great video though!
Umesh Sharma
Umesh Sharma 2 dager siden
I wonder how you have collect all these unique gadgets together.. Love ❤
Edward Piercewright
Edward Piercewright 2 dager siden
Anyone notice him in the back eating a burger at 16:04?
The Anime Libarian
The Anime Libarian 2 dager siden
Homie slapped a gold bar on a cellphone this is cartoon shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Oreo Justin Vlogs
Oreo Justin Vlogs 2 dager siden
That Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Caviar Gold is Really a Masterpiece but, I think it is not that necessary to do haha, they could have done better than that.
SINANZ Here 2 dager siden
The smart phone KING IS HERE,!!!!!
エピックエルス 2 dager siden
flying blackberry
Arda Emir Erciyas
Arda Emir Erciyas 2 dager siden
i dont use camerer
Nabil Biswas
Nabil Biswas 2 dager siden
1:01 of lord pleaase noooo 😩
Lølbït NK
Lølbït NK 2 dager siden
I love the phantom red.
de Ghosty
de Ghosty 2 dager siden
the last one is too cheap
ツZEFIX 2 dager siden
Nixo Mixo
Nixo Mixo 3 dager siden
I got a commercial of your video while I was watching this
Omnivorous Gaming
Omnivorous Gaming 3 dager siden
Ok boomer
Certified_Nawf 3 dager siden
Btw, i have a really important question
Jeevan Jimmy
Jeevan Jimmy 3 dager siden
Did any one see that that's what she said during iphone 5s
kuriakhss geo
kuriakhss geo 3 dager siden
the samsung phantom red looks like a limited edition iron man phone
adamnoah 3 dager siden
"WHAT IS THIS FOR?" I laughed so hard at this point😂😂
Saelted 3 dager siden
9:24 that what she said
AAron VibeZ
AAron VibeZ 3 dager siden
I had to subscribe just because your name is AAron ..... plus I love your videos 🙏🦋
Debby Rick
Debby Rick 3 dager siden
Wait. So that Galaxy s21 can't even take photos? Smh. What's the point? I'm pretty sure it did be really heavy with that fat gold behind. Too much stress holding such phone and moving around.
Siah YZ
Siah YZ 3 dager siden
Gold BAR phone
IniOluwa Adeoye
IniOluwa Adeoye 3 dager siden
What does he do with all these phones though
64kers 3 dager siden
Um sir I just got an ad about some shoes that your reviewed when I clicked this video
YΞLLOWᑭIᎶ 3 dager siden
8:12 Did you RICKROLLED me?
Zjool 3 dager siden
hes doing card games at 14:46
James Kang
James Kang 3 dager siden
"the way the light shines off... It's almost like it's 3 dimentional
andrei alexsandru
andrei alexsandru 3 dager siden
andrei alexsandru
andrei alexsandru 3 dager siden
andrei alexsandru
andrei alexsandru 3 dager siden
andrei alexsandru
andrei alexsandru 3 dager siden
andrei alexsandru
andrei alexsandru 3 dager siden
SHUR1KEN McSHUR1KEN 3 dager siden
Arun, what absolute quality, man. You deserve much more success!
Sri Vaishu Plays
Sri Vaishu Plays 3 dager siden
No way it is not sponsored
hamoud ibrahem al odeh gaming and vlogs
hamoud ibrahem al odeh gaming and vlogs 3 dager siden
I have a question are you rich?? Because how did you aford all of these expensive things in your youtube channel??
Zuber mohammad Miah hamza
Zuber mohammad Miah hamza 3 dager siden
Waste of packaging for these phones.
Sam Tech Tips 12
Sam Tech Tips 12 3 dager siden
1:07 the text "Matte Finish" is waiting for it's turn to come up 😂😂😂
Jam Bread
Jam Bread 3 dager siden
Surprisingly almost all 'most expensive' ones are from Chinese companies who would never buy their products for those shocking prices. Are they really sold for those prices at least 1000 units?
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