The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.

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4 måneder siden

Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:

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Mrwhosetheboss 4 måneder siden
Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 11 dager siden
Exactly, they don't give a flying sh¥t about the environment, all they care about is MONEY, and will lie about it. Damnnn hypocrites...Arun and Flossy Carter are the only people I see calling out these hypocritical companies.
BMD7 24 dager siden
Just saying, this was the first video I ever saw from you
Harlod Peter
Harlod Peter Måned siden
Maybe apple should create another program that allows consumer to trade in their old brick plus a little bit of cash if they are truly into “saving the planet” scheme.. Just saying..
Punarnava Viswanath
Punarnava Viswanath Måned siden
One of the best youtube channel I have ever seen Amazing video !
Miniman plays
Miniman plays Måned siden
You could say that they’re trying to be green but being an under developed garbanzo bean
James Gibson
James Gibson 15 minutter siden
No charger was bad enough but I lost my sh*t when I scratched and sniffed the apple sticker and there was no apple smell.
sammy dawg
sammy dawg 31 minutt siden
its not about the environment to them, i do believe its a way to discreetly decrease the quality, and therefore the manufacturing price, of the phones, while its something so subtle that they just so hap to decide not to change the price, which benefits their profits.
Speedyskilly Studios
Speedyskilly Studios 5 timer siden
I wish Steve Jobs was still alive. He wouldn’t let any of this shit slide.
Narang Mali
Narang Mali 7 timer siden
2021: No Power Adapter 2022: No Battery 2023: No Body Panel 2024: Only Display shifts to different parts of world in an iphone branded letter size envelope. REASON FOR AMPUTATING IPHONES == Environmental problems... People: Oh Green.... Iphone: I said Greed....
Jay W
Jay W 8 timer siden
This is exactly like bottled water companies touting their plastic bottles use less plastic to save the environment.. when really it's the companies themselves just saving money on materials while bs'ing us about saving the world. People are so easily gaslit.
whitechocolate 8 timer siden
I have many unused chargers, that's a good idea. I like that I can select what charger I want and to get one when I need it.
bensadventuresonearth 9 timer siden
Excellent video. These corporations are truly evil! They don't care about the environment! Only their profit!
Ashpl4yz 9 timer siden
47% = about 235V multiplied by abt 6BILLION which is abt 1410000000 watts wasted
Ashpl4yz 9 timer siden
dont worry , in 2030 iphone will come with a motherboard and a sticker only and a case with 15 cameras at the back in a different box with a screw driver and souldering iron
Bamagoni 10 timer siden
Wow your really smart! Thanks for this video 😎
Chirpy XC
Chirpy XC 10 timer siden
As consumers we need to show they we are highly against this. The consumers need to realize their Power. They are taking away things that are NEEDED to use a phone but the price of the phones are not going down.
RK7 10 timer siden
The Most eco-friendly packaging is iPhone-y 24 Pro Max Ultra 5G. Who agrees?
uttarpradesh 12 timer siden
And just to make your point you used so much packaging material in this video ...
Ligma Balls
Ligma Balls 13 timer siden
My cheap chinease charger has a bad smoking habit... Oh wait thats fire
Ligma Balls
Ligma Balls 13 timer siden
The new iPhone :) You get a box lol :) iPhone sold separetly ;)
IVYs bois
IVYs bois 14 timer siden
This isn't echo friendly. Its not like a bunch of knock off companies are still making chargers, I think if knock off companies can make chargers then samsung and apple could, they aren't going ♻️ they are going 🤑💸💳💰💶💴💷.
Sam McKim
Sam McKim 15 timer siden
All of this and all i got out of it was... who tf is putting a free case in the phone box?!
Sun Navin
Sun Navin 15 timer siden
If you're going to buy the charging brick the plastic is still going to go at the waste at the end of the day there's still the same amount of plastic like bruh
Theodore Tourneux
Theodore Tourneux 16 timer siden
Amazing! Thank you for this
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 20 timer siden
Tell em!!! 👏👏👏 Super valid points 👍
Roger Davis
Roger Davis Dag siden
I will have to buy Power Brick again for iPhone 12 😐 I have 4-5 power brick of apple 🤣
_0_RESTART_0_ Dag siden
In 5 years: We've decided to remove the screen of your phone to save the environment
Ronda Hawkins
Ronda Hawkins Dag siden
The wholesale soda originally disarm because window pharmacokinetically launch minus a pumped bun. small, old horse
Masab Mehmood
Masab Mehmood Dag siden
Also, they have to avoid putting user manuals
Vishal Naikawadi
Vishal Naikawadi Dag siden
After reading video title I thought there's an actual reason behind this.
let's roll
let's roll Dag siden
Maybe in future we have to buy seperate parts and make a phone like Lego..
Coco vlogs
Coco vlogs Dag siden
Ok I guess I’m lucky I have a magsafe-
Colourless Dag siden
Me being a smart phone freak that has a $150 phone
Mvtrixx Dag siden
It's so dumb
Vo1d Dag siden
samsung: makes paper chargers.
zero Dag siden
aaron : they will stop including free cases in the phone packaging soon me : you have free cases in your packages ?!?!
Lux Me Images
Lux Me Images Dag siden
I am wondering why the, 'global warming sensitive' developed nations, subscribe to a standard requiring all manufacturers to adhere to a standard-charger (with adjustable input/output). In which case any device can use it, for as long as it lasts.
Chicken 35
Chicken 35 Dag siden
Short answer (They want money)
Ah Lee Nah
Ah Lee Nah Dag siden
Wait android users get free cases with their phone??
hello lods its been a long while... can u greet me for my late birthday... thnk u boss
Angel Siu
Angel Siu Dag siden
'careful, he's a legend.
Refus Dag siden
9:35 bottom right corner
Charlesawesome Furtado
Charlesawesome Furtado Dag siden
Profits... There I saved you 13 mins
Damion Dylan
Damion Dylan Dag siden
What it is they're tricking you into thinking you're getting money they have a deal or you get like 200 bucks in-store credit and the wireless buds are about 200 bucks
Acs Aaaa2
Acs Aaaa2 2 dager siden
*10 years later* : why phones will not have screens…
A Pan
A Pan 2 dager siden
Where is the frickin rickroll
Micset. jr
Micset. jr Dag siden
9:36 check it out right side
Steven Du
Steven Du 2 dager siden
When people pay for something eg. charger, headphones... they tend to value it more and thus look after it better.
Steven Du
Steven Du 2 dager siden
The outside boxes from Apple are very good and strong but most can not be repurposed to store small items around the home because the internal packing material are bonded so strong to the outer box material.
Julian Ocegueda
Julian Ocegueda 2 dager siden
Thank you for teaching me what gallium nitride (gab) I appreciate the knowledge you put in this video because I would have never knew about this building material for phones
joe2.0 2 dager siden
Just get a Tesla to charge your phone. No packaging needed
Dignity -OTGX-
Dignity -OTGX- 2 dager siden
..........I don't think you fully understand how amazon works
Za Worldooo
Za Worldooo 2 dager siden
I just got Rick rolled in 9:36
Monke 2 dager siden
9:36 bro he rick rolled me again
Karan 2 dager siden
The effort was made to make this video is just amazing. We can see his hard work and his growth on NOwindow.
Ratnakirti Paudel
Ratnakirti Paudel 2 dager siden
This proves that smartphone companies are idiots ( I am only complaining about the person/group who thought of this dumb idea)
Coding Fusion
Coding Fusion 2 dager siden
Maybe apple and other companies should have actually kept a dongle or gan charger. those are better
its sloth
its sloth 2 dager siden
The next thing is u need to build ur phone from scratch
Bruh 2 dager siden
weirdly enough i wouldnt need to buy a pair of earbuds or a 20w charger if i were about to get a new iphone 12, already have that brick from another phone and use earpods pro. for some the ecofriendly system does work, apple now needs less space to ship 20.000 or so iphones in a container to a country. so if anything they are saving money space and time
Anti-Social Media
Anti-Social Media 2 dager siden
I dropped Apple for Samsung due to all these reasons. Lack of compatibility with most of the industry, no headphone jack and lastly no charger. Samsung, if you were smart just include the things any reasonable person would expect a product to come with. Then run a marketing campaign that stresses those points. Simply put, out class Apple.
Mr. Legendary
Mr. Legendary 2 dager siden
Really real reason is because they are just money grabbing asses. People just stop buying their phones for a year or two. Then they will know retribution. I stopped. Join me
Kindra Harper
Kindra Harper 2 dager siden
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ÁUß Code II
ÁUß Code II 2 dager siden
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Leggs Benedict
Leggs Benedict 2 dager siden
IPhone be like free cases?
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 2 dager siden
Anonymous 2 dager siden
If they think I already have charger at so do my phone which I'm gonna use as long as it lasts.
Anonymous 2 dager siden
Just give an option to buy charger, headphones etc included in box if consumer demand.
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 3 dager siden
The elegant syrup spatially beam because rod equally rot into a robust cell. alive, parsimonious gorilla
Jeremy Crawford
Jeremy Crawford 3 dager siden
I wish car manufacturers put wireless charging in every make and model.
Meho Kidd
Meho Kidd 3 dager siden
HellPwnage 666
HellPwnage 666 3 dager siden
These days, "the environment" is the go-to excuse for every bad/controversial thing the government or a business does. Makes me want fossil fuels to stay mainstream as long as possible
Haker Man
Haker Man 3 dager siden
2020: buy the charger and headphones separately 2050: Buy the phone then build the phone yourself
evan 3 dager siden
no ones throwing away their usb-c charging brick
Anish Pillai
Anish Pillai 3 dager siden
Apple creates the circus... android plays joker to it
E Musk
E Musk 3 dager siden
I started shoplifting for my cables and chargers, am I helping the environment?
Norm 3 dager siden
I baught a 100w brick two year's ago don't need to upgrade nor buy headphones with every new phone.....point half mute
Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen 3 dager siden
Stop blaming the company 🙄 take some responsibility too, they respond to the customer's demand, nowadays customers want companies to be more eco-friendly and they're always blamed for their big packaging that's why they don't put charger in a box anymore to make it smaller. You are the one creating them more ideas to get more money lmao. People on this comment section are so dumb
Daniel Triantopoulos
Daniel Triantopoulos 3 dager siden
just make a nuclear-powered phone. Oh what's your battery %... yeah it's 25000% and its sitting at 3.6 roentgen, it's not great but not terrible
Huvid D.
Huvid D. 3 dager siden
K I guess someone else has said it, but the way he compared the wireless charger with the normal charger was kinda weird. Because I guess gallium nitride just makes more efficient high power transistors. So that would also increase the efficiency of the wireless charger with the same amount. So when he compares them you will still get 50% loss, which is simply due to EM coupling loss. And I hoped he came with some calculations how much energy is lost. A quick calculations would result in 40W*1.5h*356*4phones*0.5=36kWh in a year saved which is quite a low percentage of total energy consumption(4500KWH). Yes it is a waste and yes we should improve it but I don't think it is that significant.
lindi 3 dager siden
there are free cases with some phones?? i have never gotten one with any phone i bought
HolyRivs999 3 dager siden
Wow wow wow so true on this makes so much sense things should always stay the same I have learned a long time ago in life that we end up spending more on something thinking we going to change things for the better but we end up wasting a lot of money that we don't need to and now this affecting the planet wow
ItzShock912 3 dager siden
I hope every tech companies that did these mistakes watch this video...
Notsam22 3 dager siden
are they TECHNICALLY being green? yes because they are reducing THEIR packaging and products is it NOT green if you have to get those yourself? yes because the amount of shipping waste is multiplied loophole from companies ah i love their idea makers
ال̝ـمَ͠جـیـدˇ 3 dager siden
*LOL at these self-contradicting establishments.* They use the eco-friendly/sustainability hoax to boost their sales when they themselves harm the planet with their waste.
eko lolong
eko lolong 3 dager siden
Ivan 4 dager siden
cool video
Shuvo don Gaming
Shuvo don Gaming 4 dager siden
I am vary mad 😡 why the charger is not there 😠😠😠
CPG Nate
CPG Nate 4 dager siden
When I buy a phone a charger always comes with it still so I don't know what you're talking about
One Person
One Person 4 dager siden
They could've just made it optional to have a charger 🤣
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 4 dager siden
Absolutely correct justification.
Juise Box
Juise Box 4 dager siden
idk how,but i have a lot of USB headphones and headphone jack headphones
Lau K
Lau K 4 dager siden
Apple's gotta see's very logic
Anandilal Katpitiya
Anandilal Katpitiya 4 dager siden
3:52 "cheap af usb headphones" who searches like that?😂😂
Mohammad Hasibul Hasan
Mohammad Hasibul Hasan 4 dager siden
Don't you know Capitalists will destroy you, your family, your society, your nation and even planet just to make their profit.
Andrei Ciobanu
Andrei Ciobanu 4 dager siden
Isn't this entire story a perfect example of perverse results?
Kedarnath Vavilala
Kedarnath Vavilala 4 dager siden
they pack separately to sell the charger and to pack that one box they might consume double quantity than they were when they included in the box itself we never know
Tom55data 4 dager siden
May be I am different, I have a 6 way high power charger in my kitchen were everything can be charged with usb c/b cables on a shelf with one socket on the wall. Second, I spent lots of money on a phone so clearly I am prepared to buy a pair of Sennheiser momentum bluetooth headphones, therefore not requiring a wired connection to my phone, what is the problem ? Yes there is a packaging problem....
Tomato 4 dager siden
Mrwhosetheboss: “I’m not getting that special AKG tuned sound.” DankPods: *w h a t*
Arsin Roblox Breaking Point 335
Arsin Roblox Breaking Point 335 4 dager siden
Did anyone get an ad of Mrwhosetheboss?
Arrow Looper
Arrow Looper 4 dager siden
It's worse for the environment More packaging
Кирилл Рыжевол
Кирилл Рыжевол 4 dager siden
The imported sycamore appropriately observe because operation correlatively obey around a hysterical cafe. hurried, comfortable forecast
PURA PAITHIYAM 4 dager siden
I subscribed bcs its eco friendly
Abi Brodie
Abi Brodie 4 dager siden
When you look at life cycle assessments between plastic bags and paper bags, plastic bags are actually a lot better as they are used multiple times, and the waste created by making paper bags is a lot more then that created by making polymers as the ‘waste’ is actually used to make other hydrocarbons used for many things. Just means that just because politics say it’s better doesn’t mean it actually is if you don’t do the research.
Tom mm.
Tom mm. 4 dager siden
everyone has wireless chargers now
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